Moving to the Cloud does not automatically translate into the digital transformation of your organisation. A range of other complex issues are involved. Transformation, however, cannot take place unless supported by the Cloud.

The flexibility provided by a Cloud-enabled infrastructure is essential for the digital evolution of your organisation. Used effectively, the Cloud can deliver a broad range of business and IT related benefits in terms of lower costs, greater efficiency, new working practices, performance, flexibility, supported by a safe and secure environment.

Key benefits

Cloud flexibility facilitates new ways of working, acting as a catalyst for innovation. It offers a more cost effective, lower risk and faster platform supporting rapid agile development. Immediate, on-demand access to the latest solutions and approaches is provided in a ready-to-deploy environment.

Organisations who do not embrace the Cloud will be caught in a ‘vicious circle’ of decline. Their ability to keep up-to-speed with rapid digital change will be constrained by unstable and inflexible infrastructures, legacy systems and IT management approaches stuck in a pre-Cloud time warp.

Given the above, the move from on-premise IT services to Cloud computing is now well underway, with organisations across the globe reaping the many benefits that Cloud computing brings.

• Service scalability and predictable costs.
• Enterprise level security.
• 24/7 any-place, any-device access for employees.
• Elimination of server infrastructure costs.
• Reduced infrastructure management overhead.
• Rapid project mobilisation and delivery capability.
• Business benefits – cost effective, new work methods, innovation, digital transformation of your organisation.

Bridgeall expertise

Bridgeall has been delivering Cloud computing solutions to public and private sector clients across the UK for many years. We have established an enviable reputation for service provision, platform excellence and customer service. Our chosen platform is Microsoft Azure, the world’s #1 cloud services platform for corporate customers.

Our highly experienced Azure delivery team will help you leverage the full potential of the Cloud for your organisation.

We can help in the following ways:

• Cloud readiness assessment.
• ROI calculation service.
• Design and architecture.
• Prototypes and proof-of-concepts.
• Information architecture design.
• Development & implementation.
• Operational management services.

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