Azure Cloud Computing

The move from on-premise IT services to Cloud computing is now well underway, with organisations across the globe reaping the many benefits that cloud computing brings, which include:

  • Service scalability and predictable costs
  • Enterprise level security
  • 24/7 any-place, any-device access for employees
  • Elimination of server infrastructure costs
  • Reduced Infrastructure management overhead
  • Rapid project mobilisation and delivery capability

Bridgeall has been delivering cloud computing solutions to public and private sector clients across Scotland for many years, having built up an enviable reputation for service provision, platform excellence and customer service during this time.

Cloud Specialists

The smartsm solution, a Bridgeall SaaS product/service that was delivered to over 220 public library customers with over 6,500 individual branch locations worldwide (including many of the largest libraries in the world - Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York Public) has been a showcase of our expertise in this area.

We are specialists at delivering cloud software solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform, a practice that is underpinned by our 12 years of experience in developing ASP.NET custom solutions to clients on many complex software projects, ranging from 20 to 2500 person days.

Microsoft Azure

Bridgeall's Azure delivery team understands the pitfalls, hurdles and challenges of delivering a highly successful and scalable Azure solution and on-going service excellence to clients, but just as importantly has the expertise and know-how to deliver solutions that maximise the potential of the cloud for your organisation.

Bridgeall can help in the following ways:

Cloud Readiness Assessment: We can carry out an assessment of your organisation's strategy, process, architecture, technology, people and governance to determine how ready your organisation is to adopt cloud services.

ROI Calculation Service: We provide an ROI calculation service which performs a detailed comparison of (Azure) cloud versus on-premise expenditures, leading to a business justification report for adoption of (Azure) cloud services in your organisation.

Design and Architecture: Our team is expert at designing Azure based cloud applications with consideration to use, scale, deployment, on-premise integration and maximising the potential of the Azure model for 24/7 any-place, any-device access.

Prototypes and Proof-of-concepts: We can help you visualise the future by building working examples to demonstrate functionality and user interaction.

Information Architecture Design: We are specialists in defining the information architecture for highly scalable, data intensive applications.

Development & Implementation: We provide a first class development service, including intensive QA testing, based on ASP.NET and utilising Agile methods.

Operational Management Services: Level 2 and Level 3 support services covering the day-to-day tasks and exceptional events (for example Disaster Recovery), that arise out of IT application management, spanning the Azure infrastructure, application database and the application itself.

Why Microsoft?

Only Microsoft uniquely offers a flexible platform that lets you choose the path that’s best for your business, whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination. Working seamlessly with other Microsoft software and services such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, Azure helps make the cloud a seamless part of your IT in a way that’s best for your company’s specific needs.


To find out more contact our Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Azure and Cloud Experts on 0141 212 6400 or our London Azure Team on 020 3817 8160.