Project Description

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland required a new and modern intranet that would help them improve search capabilities to find critical information more efficiently. Bridgeall worked with the team to deliver a modern SharePoint intranet solution.

About Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWC) promotes the welfare of individuals with mental illness, learning disability or related conditions. It investigates cases where it appears that there may be ill-treatment, deficiency in care and treatment or improper detention of any such person. Following investigations, it can make and follow up recommendations.

Challenges facing Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

The Mental Welfare Commission had been using a secure NHS email facilitated thorough NHS, National Services Scotland. As part of a transition project to Office 365, the Mental Welfare Commission were looking to have an integrated file management structure and a new intranet as part of their Office 365 set up.  

The Mental Welfare Commission desired a more modern and user-friendly platform as their current intranet was dated and proving to be problematic. With limited experience in information governance and security, the team required a reliable partner to carry out the design and build of a secure intranet system. 

Upskilling of key staff was also a requirement to work with Office 365 products that were used across the business.

Bridgeall successfully designed a solution using SharePoint to provide a modern, reliable means of collaboration and file storage through Office 365.  

We worked alongside the Mental Welfare commission to design and build a SharePoint Intranet that met their needs now and in the future. We used SharePoint Online out of the box capability with modern design principles to achieve this. 

We followed the following process when designing the new SharePoint intranet:  

  • Workshops to determine site contents / look and feel
  • Creation of a site design
  • Creation of a site map
  • Creation of a SharePoint Modern intranet site consisting of a Hub, Communication and Team sites and incorporating approximately 5 – 10 distinct page templates
  • Creation of a data migration plan
  • User and Admin training

Bridgeall also successfully migrated intranet data and metadata to ensure the smoothest transition possible. 

As a result of our review, Bridgeall was able to deliver the following benefits to the client:   

  • Bridgeall successfully upgraded Mental Welfare Commission to a visually appealing modern SharePoint Intranet with an easy to navigate design. This was all fully customisable so the Commission could keep the theme on brand.
  • Upskilled key staff to support SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • A well-structured intranet with role-based security implemented.

Modernise your intranet with SharePoint

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