Project Description

Cerebria AI is a data powered software company that was looking to improve the way their development team created their software. They identified a need for a new set of tools to better support development, these included application development and application lifecycle management capability. They had identified Azure as being their chosen cloud and were looking for a partner to advise, support and procure these services.

About Cerebria AI

Cerebria AI is a software company based in Austin but with offices globally including London and California. They provide a number of AI powered SaaS solutions for customer experience and travel experience brands. They are a forward-thinking and innovative technology company working with some of the biggest global brands.

Cerebria AI were looking for support to help get their new development team up and running. They were working on a cloud-based application for their customers using Azure. They needed to take better advantage of the tools available within Azure when it came to application lifecycle management and coding tools.

Cerebria AI engaged Bridgeall to help them solve their two main requirements.

At first, we provided licensing support and helped identify and source the best licensing options for them. We managed to identify a combination of solutions that met their needs at a lower ongoing cost than expected. We provided a 10% discount on RRP for the cloud licenses for Visual Studio. As part of the Visual Studio license, they also received free access to Azure DevOps included which provided them with the ALM and pipeline management capability they needed. Once procuring the licenses, we helped them set up their environment and apply the licenses within Azure.

The second stage of the project was to help them get up and running with Azure DevOps. We set up the Azure DevOps environment and created a repository for C++ code. Next we configured an Azure-based build environment, including integrating 3rd party tools, so that their team could take advantage of some existing tooling while keeping their environment secure and accessible in the cloud. We also carried out a range of training and demonstrations with their development team to get them up to speed. We rounded off this stage of the project by discussing best practice use of Azure DevOps and helped Cerebria AI become independent with the platform.

The project provided Cerebria AI with several benefits:

  • Reduced ongoing license cost via Bridgeall discount and expertise
  • Improved application development tools
  • Improved application lifecycle management and development governance processes
  • Secure access to a cloud-based build environment for their team to access