Power BI

Deriving actionable insight from the increasing ‘volume, variety and velocity’ of data held by your organisation is one of the key pillars of successful digital transformation. Actionable insight is the missing link between data and deriving business value from that data.

Key benefits

Delivering insight requires a robust, secure and affordable storage solution to handle large data volumes, such as Microsoft Azure, combined with the use of modern, visual based, self-service business intelligence.

Power BI is a suite of tools from Microsoft that automatically transforms your organisation’s data into rich visuals creating powerful interactive reports allowing you to develop actionable insights from the important data already being collected across your organisation.

Power BI will integrate with most existing databases in your organisation providing a powerful solution to transform, analyse, visualise and share data across multiple devices. Your whole business on one dashboard.

• Provide a 360-degree view of your business with all key metrics in one place.
• Updated in real time and available from any device.
• Intuitive and easy to use.
• Cloud based with low per-user pricing.
• Visualise, discover and share actionable insight from data.
• Drive productivity and make real time informed decisions.
• Data insights to support transformation.
• Now positioned as an outright leader in the BI and analytics space by Gartner.

Bridgeall expertise

• Deployment of Microsoft Power BI's visualisation and exploration solutions for a wide range of clients.
• A focus on delivering real businesses benefits from the actionable insight derived from data.
• A range of skilled data resources available.
• Added value through SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS).
• Extending the scope of Power BI through our Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) service.

SQL server 2016 reporting services (SSRS) provides three authoring interfaces for creating production style reports, all housed under a new, easy to use web application.

Our complementary Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) service - the native formula and query language for Microsoft PowerPivot, Power BI desktop and SQL server analysis services tabular models - offers additional functions that are designed to perform the dynamic aggregation often required to manipulate data to meet specific customer needs.

Find out more

Please do feel free to contact our experts to have an informal chat about Power BI and/or if you need help in extending your existing Power BI solutions with DAX. We can deliver rapid and powerful results for your organisation.

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