Using a wealth of existing software modules, Microsoft .NET allows developers to create robust, complex applications quickly and easily. With the introduction of .NET Core, it is now possible to develop and run applications on hardware running operating systems other than Windows such as Linux and Mac OS. It is also possible to run .NET code in the cloud using Azure functions, without the need for virtual machines or infrastructure of your own, using event-driven, compute-on-demand code.

For these reasons, and many more, .NET is the platform of choice for many applications developed by Bridgeall.

Key benefits

Bridgeall has a wealth of experience developing custom software solutions using the .NET platform across a range of industry sectors. Developing software using the .NET framework comes with the following key benefits:

• Cross-platform software.
• Leverage of existing Microsoft software libraries offering a wealth of features.
• Multi language support.
• Automated garbage collection (meaning less chance of developers creating resource intensive applications).
• Reduced infrastructure requirements due to compute on demand within Azure.

Bridgeall expertise

Our highly-experienced solutions team have a proven track record of creating custom client software solutions using the .NET framework. We have a wealth of expertise spanning multiple industry sectors and across a range of projects. We can help your organisation with:

• Creation of responsive web applications.
• Creation of mission-critical back-end applications such as billing systems.
• Design and architecture.
• Prototypes and proof-of-concepts.
• Migration of legacy applications to a .NET environment, leveraging all of the advantages listed above.

Find out more

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for an informal chat about what .NET can do for your organisation.

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