Agile delivery

Often an overused and misunderstood word, to Bridgeall Agile simply means:

"Delivering business value frequently and consistently while adapting to changing business needs"

With our agile approach to development our customers benefit from incremental and regular releases of high quality features that match their requirements. Our close and regular communication avoids unwelcome surprises and sustains long term and effective relationships.

Key business benefits

Translating this statement into action means that Bridgeall will:

• Focus on return on investment from an early stage.
• Deliver working software early and often.
• Value customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
• Respond to change over following a plan.

Bridgeall expertise

We adopt a test driven development approach centred on automated testing and once source code is checked-in it undergoes immediate unit testing as part of our continuous integration (CI) builds. Full system test builds that include all UI tests are triggered automatically if all unit tests pass.

• Test driven development. 
• Continuous integration. 
• Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).
• Team Foundation Server (TFS), the collaboration platform at the core of the Visual Studio ALM. 

Find out more

Please feel free to contact our experts for an informal chat about our Agile delivery approaches. 

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