Guaranteed protection of margins for water retailers

 “The paucity of data quality across the industry has become a major problem for water retailers who have placed accurate billing at the centre of their offering to customers. Addressing this issue is now critical”  

(Water Retail Market: Reflections on the First Year, Utility Week, 1st April 2018).

In a market with the above data challenges, trevi, Bridgeall’s best-in-class billing software, delivers 100% accuracy.

It enables water retailers in the newly deregulated, non-domestic English water market, to accurately bill their end-customers, comprehensively protecting retail margins in the process.

Uniquely incorporating charging algorithms from CMOS (the Central Market Operating Solution), trevi accurately calculates any tariff covering both water and sewerage. This includes trade effluent, a complex issue for large, high-value customers.

trevi provides the most accurate billing solution available in the deregulated non-domestic water market, bar none.

How it works

By automatically synchronising billing data with CMOS, processing every market transaction including all TCORRs, trevi provides guaranteed protection of retail margin by detecting changes to market data; issuing corrected bills and credits where appropriate.  

Migrating billing data into trevi is a simple, reliable and rapid process. For nationwide customers, consolidated billing is integrated within the trevi solution.

The highly flexible solution provides for easy integration and interfacing with sales, finance, printing and the CMOS, with the scalable architecture supporting billing workloads for even the largest retailers as shown below:


trevi benefits

  • A one-stop solution addressing the key pain points currently being experienced by water retailers in the new open market, including wholesaler data changes and communications.
  • Accurate billing for end-customers improving customer satisfaction, retention and growth.
  • Precise billing for trade effluent.
  • Resolves pain points at each stage of the customer journey and billing cycle.
  • Guarantees the protection of retail margins.
  • Positive impact on the bottom line - increased revenue and profitability.
  • Enhanced brand reputation.
  • Efficient billing and reduced cost-to-serve through process automation.
  • Data capture and reporting.

trevi features

  • A unique solution incorporating the usage derivation and charging algorithms from CMOS (Central Market Operating Solution) making trevi the most accurate billing solution available, bar none.
  • Integrated market interaction component which automatically updates the billing system, enables retailers to capture and proactively respond to wholesaler-owned data impacting on charging.
  • A highly flexible solution providing integration with sales, finance, printing and the CMOS; the scalable architecture supports billing workloads for even the largest retailer.
  • Covers all stages of the billing cycle - new SPID creation and billing; customer win; out of area; consolidated billing; new meter network.
  • A comprehensive solution covering water billing, sewerage billing, trade effluent billing, all service components, all tariffs, group (consolidated) billing.
  • Simple data migration process.

With the crystallisation of charges approaching in September, 2018, trevi will ensure that your billing system is fit-for-purpose as the deregulated market enters its next phase of development.

Protect your retail margins by booking a free demo of trevi in action.

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