Protecting Water Retailer and Wholesaler Revenue

With the paucity of data quality remaining a major issue across the deregulated water sector in England, trevi from Bridgeall protects revenue in a challenging market by delivering accurate billing and accurate forecasting of wholesale charges.


Retailers and Wholesalers

Wholesale Charge Forecasting and Final Settlement

Within the market settlement process the running of RF reports (final settlement for a given invoice period) effectively locks your revenue for that specific period. It is widely acknowledged, however, that data quality problems will result in many RF charges being incorrect. Inaccurate RF charges will become a major threat to revenues unless corrective action is taken now. The good news is that trevi has 2 solutions to identify issues and act months ahead of the final settlement date to protect your revenue……

  • Forecast settlement charges for invoice periods right up to RF with 99+% accuracy
  • Be assured of your future wholesale charges
  • Identify high-value issues months in advance of RF and take corrective action before it’s too late
  • Easily compare various versions of settlement reports (P1, R1, R2, R3 and RF)
  • Be notified of any variance thresholds that are breached
  • Uncover data anomalies, over-charging and under-charging that impacts cashflow and profitability

This web-based service enables a retailer to forecast future wholesale charges for invoice periods with 99+% accuracy. It allows forecasts to be scheduled on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) and generates reports in the exact same format as the MOSL settlement reports.

In the months, weeks and days running up to RF, the Forecaster can be used to forecast RF each day, checking that corrective actions you initiate or request (TCORR’s, meter reads, etc) are reducing RF charges, thereby increasing your profits.

The key value delivered is best-in-class cashflow forecasting and profit protection.

The service is typically implemented within 3 days, is easy to use and requires minimal training.

The service is frictionless and requires no integration to your existing systems.

  • Identify meters that will attract G Reads for any given settlement period
  • Forecast G Read values using the same algorithms as CMOS
  • Develop actionable insights from additional highly useful information
  • Take corrective action to protect revenue, months ahead of the final settlement date

Bridgeall played a key role in the successful launch of the deregulated market, delivering the settlements sub-system for CMOS which also generates G Reads. We are uniquely qualified, therefore, to identify problematic G Reads that will impact your bottom line.

In an RF run where a meter does not have meter readings covering the full settlement period, a closing estimate, known as a G Read, is used as a fundamental input to calculating final charges.

We estimate that 12 to 17 percent of your portfolio, on average, will receive a G Read every RF run. Of these G Reads, between 15 and 30 percent will be highly inaccurate due to data issues. Problematic G Reads will have a negative impact on your revenue becoming “locked” after RF.

The G Read Forecaster solution forecasts G Reads for any final settlement run including forecast value and rollover.

The typical use case is to use the G Read Forecaster solution well in advance of RF to identify problematic G Reads, especially high-priority reads with a major revenue impact, and act before revenue problems gets locked in.

To identify and resolve your high-priority problems now, please feel free to contact our experts (using the form below) for a free G Read Health Check.


Retailers only

The most accurate retail billing solution available in the market, bar none.

Volume, Charge & Tariffs

  • CMOS settlement system integrated. Volume and change calculated as per CSD0207
  • Harmonises Retail and Wholesaler Tariffs. Equivalent retail variants of all wholesale tariffs supported in the market
  • Onboard new customers from any region regardless of tariff
  • True Wholesale+ billing made easy
  • Onboard new customers from any region regardless of tariff


  • Integrated market transaction processor
  • Detects changes to market data, issuing adjusted bills automatically

Group (Consolidated) Billing

  • Bill group customers on a single consolidated invoice
  • Detailed breakdown of usage and charges attracted by each site including Trade Effluent calculation details
  • Bill sites on different retail tariff structures easily

Uniquely incorporating charging algorithms from CMOS (the Central Market Operating Solution), Bridgeall’s best-in-class billing software protects retail margins by delivering 100% billing accuracy. By automatically synchronising billing data with CMOS, processing every market transaction including all TCORRs, trevi provides guaranteed protection of retail margin by detecting changes to market data and issuing adjusted bills automatically. Straight out of the box, the solution can calculate charges for any SPID in the market regardless of the wholesale tariff being used to generate wholesale charges. This includes all variants of water, sewerage and trade effluent, a complex issue for large, high-value customers. In addition, Group (consolidated) billing capability is embedded natively within the solution.

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