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Fix high priority revenue problems before time runs out

To protect your revenue before the final settlement run (RF) in September, please Contact Us for a free G Read Health Check now.

In the deregulated non-domestic water market in England, the final settlement run (RF) for April 2017, the first month of the open market, takes place in September 2018. Once the final settlement run has taken place, wholesale charges for water retailers become fixed.

It is openly acknowledged that there are issues with market data which will result in charges arising from RF to be incorrect. If a trading party believes that a charge is wrong, it can only be resolved by embarking on a costly process via MOSL.

Effectively, time will have run out for the April 2017 settlement period by September 2018. With a final settlement run taking place every month thereafter, wrong RF charges will become a major threat to revenues unless corrective action is taken now.

In an RF run where a meter does not have meter readings covering the full settlement period, a closing estimate, known as a G Read, is used as a fundamental input to calculating final charges.

Based on our extensive experience in developing accurate billing solutions for the deregulated water markets in Scotland and England, Bridgeall estimate that 12 to 17 percent of your portfolio, on average, will receive a G Read every RF run. Of these G Reads between 15 and 30 percent will be highly inaccurate due to data issues.

Unless something is done about this, problematic G Reads will have an on-going month-to-month negative impact on revenue. There are cases where the final settlement charge for individual supply points has been 10 times higher than the correct charge.

Fix high priority revenue problems now

Bridgeall played a key role in the successful launch of the deregulated market, delivering the settlements sub-system for CMOS, including the system that generates CMOS G Reads.

We are uniquely qualified, therefore, to identify problematic G Reads that will impact your bottom line.

Our G Read Forecaster (GRF) service will help you in advance to avoid problematic G Reads, especially high-priority reads with a major revenue impact. GRF can forecast G Reads that will be generated for any final settlement run you choose, including forecast value and rollover.

G Read ForecasterBenefits

  • Derive actionable management insight covering the accuracy of future G Reads.
  • Prioritise inaccurate G Reads in terms of severity and revenue impact.
  • Forecast and identify high-priority revenue problems well in advance of the final settlement run.
  • Agree and implement corrective action to protect revenue, months ahead of the final settlement date.
  • Identify existing, problematic G Reads and remove them from the market before they have the chance to impact G Reads generated for live settlement periods.
  • High return on investment within a short time period.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention from data accuracy.


  • Identify meters that will attract G Reads for any given settlement period.
  • Forecast the actual values of these G Reads using the same algorithms as CMOS.
  • Develop actionable insights from highly useful information about forecast G Reads not present in the actual CMOS generated G Reads e.g. whether a cap was applied when calculating the G Read.
  • Where G Reads already exist for a given meter, forecast G Reads are generated both considering and excluding existing G Reads.

Find out more

To identify and resolve your high-priority problems now, please feel free to contact our experts for a free G Read Health Check

We will ask you to provide us with some existing reports you have already received from CMOS. We will process these through the G Read Forecaster and send you a select number of SPIDs where charges are highly suspect.

All information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.

We can, thereafter, discuss how to access the G Read Forecaster as a permanent solution for your whole portfolio.

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