Data Audit and Migration Services

Challenges such as data structure and cleansing can make data audit and migration projects tricky.

Carrying out a data audit and cleansing exercise prior to migrating to a new Cloud system will provide the following key benefits:

  • Reduce project costs and timescales to complete data migrations
  • Improve business trust by increasing the user's ability to find information
  • Reduce Infrastructure costs by removing unnecessary data storage
  • Help facilitate compliance

Bridgeall can help you to discover and analyse information quality problems in unstructured information stores and effect quality data migrations on time and on budget.

We utilise class leading tools that incorporate powerful SharePoint integration facilities to provide high performance network discovery across terabytes of information, exploring, reporting and resolving information quality issues so that information stores can be brought under control for subsequent use or exploitation.

Take control of your data

Bridgeall's data audit and migration services are provided in a structured and cost effective way and will provide your organisation with the ability to take control of the data by:

  • Restructuring of the information
  • Cleansing the data
  • De-duplication
  • File classification and metadata
  • Security and permissions


Our structured approach is illustrated below:

 Data Audit and Migration Process

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