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The one-stop shop for delivering a consistent approach to project portfolio management, governance and reporting

Developed from our own extensive experience and successful track record of delivering a broad range of projects across diverse industries, Bridgeall PMO provides a low-cost solution for managing the progress, reporting, quality and governance of your organisation's project portfolio, all in one place.  A single dashboard provides a consolidated overview of all projects, programmes and portfolios leading to better informed decision-making, 24/7, from any device, anywhere.

Easy to set-up and customisable to the specific needs of your organisation, Bridgeall PMO delivers more efficient and effective outcomes by ensuring consistent management processes, governance and reporting across project portfolios.  It makes life easier for the busy Project Management Office, Senior Executives and Project Sponsors at each stage of the project life cycle.


Project Portfolio Management

An easy to use interface for managing project submissions, approvals and key tasks.

Project Planning and Goal Setting

A single dashboard for monitoring project plans, scheduling, risks, timescales, budget and KPIs.

Project Management, Delivery and Governance

A consistent, streamlined approach to efficient and effective project management, delivery and governance.

Project Documentation and Archiving

A central repository for all project documentation, with version control, providing a single view of the truth; a consolidated approach to project documentation, policies and procedures.

Project Compliance and Improvement

Ensure compliance and agreed standards, facilitating best practice sharing

Project Reporting and Communications

Reduce the burden of reporting while ensuring timely and accurate monitoring of all programmes and projects.

Strategic Role

Release capacity to allow focus on the PMO's change management role.

For Senior Executives and Project Sponsors

A consolidated view of all projects in a single dashboard leading to more informed strategic and project portfolio decision-making.

For Project Managers and Teams

Clear guidelines for optimising project health, reporting and compliance in a single dashboard.

Key Features

A modern Cloud based application, Bridgeall PMO provides a low-cost solution for managing the progress, reporting, quality and governance of your organisation’s project portfolio, all in one place.

An intuitive, consolidated programme/project dashboard

Providing a single version of the truth for project data, allowing managers to view the status of all projects within programmes at a glance, filtered based on areas of interest.

Project portfolio planning and review

Senior management and Bridgeall PMO users can filter and order data items to provide a quick overview of projects grouped by programme, RAG status, cost or any combination of data fields. Easy drill down into each project to view stage of delivery, relevant documentation, RAID logs, clarifications and reporting.

Project site creation

New project sites and categories can easily be set up.

Programme/project level RAID logs

Programme or project managers can produce RAID Logs in a consistent format with the option to raise RAID items to the level above.

Highlight report generation

Highlight reports can easily be generated for each project from the data entered, providing a consistent version of events in a standard format for each project.

Project timelines

Displaying key milestones and tasks to team members and project stakeholders.

Searchable and consistent document management & repository

Standard document types and templates are included ensuring a consistent approach across all projects.

Integration with Microsoft Project Office

Microsoft Project integration as standard including task allocation, progress and overall timeline.

Project governance

Bridgeall PMO facilitates a consistent approach to project management and governance throughout the project lifecycle. Project checklists to manage each stage of delivery.

Hosted in Microsoft Cloud

Providing high reliability, security, productivity and disaster recovery capabilities at a much lower cost compared to on-premise hosting. 24/7 any-place, any-device access for employees.


Easily customised to the specific needs of your own organisation.


As an online service, Bridgeall PMO is always current with the latest tools, features, and updates.

Low-cost solution

Monthly payments with no upfront infrastructure costs or costly upgrades; flexible subscription plans, helping you keep your technology costs low.

World-class compliance

Including ISO 27001, EU Model Clauses, HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and FISMA.

Bridgeall PMO provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all project documentation, reporting, management and governance throughout the full project life cycle.

By delivering more efficient project and programme portfolio management, Bridgeall PMO provides a low-cost but highly effective solution for driving organisational change and improvement.  It is already being successfully used by client organisations across the public and private sectors.

 "Bridgeall developed and designed our new PMO solution to support our business while we undertake a major business transformation.  As a company, they are agile, receptive and made a point of understanding our requirements both from a business and a technical perspective.  I highly recommend them."

Stephen Sharkey, Head of IT Programmes and Business Systems, SQA

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Project Governance / Quality Gates

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