What we do

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, operating across the UK, our team of highly skilled experts specialise in the design, development and operational support of mission-critical applications.

Our services, products, technologies and overall approach help to transform the engine of your organisation, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for delivering real business improvement.

With a strong track record across the public and private sectors, we support the digital transformation of your organisation through delivering ‘exceptional software assured’; building bridges between IT and tangible business outcomes.


The need for organisations to transform digitally is now widely accepted by most senior executives across the public and private sectors.

Highly experienced Bridgeall consultants will work closely with your senior management team developing an agreed digital vision and strategy for your organisation. Using our unique approach, we will ensure that your digital strategy is fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives.

Legacy IT systems and unstructured data are two of the main barriers to successful digital transformation. Our managed IT, data audit and migration services will ensure that that these obstacles are overcome allowing your organisation to leverage the full potential of emerging technologies.

Bridgeall Customer Service


Bridgeall has developed a range of proprietary solutions to support elements of your digital transformation including:

  • smartPMO – for the effective management of diverse projects across your organisation
  • Digital Mail Room - built on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform, our DMR solution allows organisations to centralise their physical mail operations improving efficiency and mobile working.
  • Trevi water retailer billing solution – a best in-class billing solution for the newly deregulated, non-domestic English Water Market. 
Bridgeall Products

Technologies & approaches

Working closely with your senior management and IT teams, we can support your organisation in leveraging the full potential of Microsoft related technologies for accelerating digital transformation.

A key driver here is Microsoft Azure. Moving to the Cloud does not automatically translate into the digital transformation of your organisation. A range of other complex issues are involved. Transformation, however, cannot take place unless supported by the Cloud.

By providing agility, the ability to scale up or down, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimisation, the Azure Cloud facilitates new ways of working, acting as a catalyst for innovation. It offers a more cost effective, lower risk and faster platform supporting rapid agile development. Immediate, on-demand access to the latest solutions and approaches is provided in a ready-to-deploy environment. These include office productivity and collaborative tools such as Office 365 and SharePoint, modern data analytic tools such as Power BI and many others. Rapid and Agile delivery approaches ensure that you are up and running quickly.

Bridgeall Technologies and Approaches

exceptional software.  assured.