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Bridgeall is a leading Microsoft Gold partner that helps organisations deliver solutions rapidly using the Microsoft Power Platform. The Power Platform allows organisations to easily build applications, automate and digitizes processes.

Reduce application development costs by 74% with the Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Build web and mobile apps and workflows fast and without limits

  • Gain insights from your data regardless of where it lives

  • Enterprise-ready security and governance

Power Platform solutions

Power Apps

Build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster and drive efficiency

  • Use templates, drag and drop functionality or custom code to build pixel perfect simple to mission critical web and mobile applications
  • A full featured end to end low code application development platform built for citizen and pro developers, with IT in control
  • Leverage the Common Data Service with pre-built AI models in AI Builder, and unlock innovation faster across your organisation

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Power Automate

Automate and integrate business processes with Power Automate

  • Automate and model business processes across your apps and services
  • From simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more
  • Trigger actions, grant approvals, and get notifications right where you work
  • Automate legacy, on-prem and cloud-based applications and services

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Power BI

Gain insights from your data regardless of where it lives with Power BI.

  • Connect to all your data and get a consolidated view across your business through a single pane of glass
  • Create ad-hoc analysis, live dashboards and interactive reports that are easy to consume on the web and across mobile devices
  • Build smart apps by infusing insights from your data and drive action with the power of the Power platform

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Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based, low-code data service and app platform, which allows you to leverage the security and connectivity of Microsoft services. Dataverse is the data platform that sits underneath the Power Platform. It simplifies and strengthens your data ability making it easy to manage and improve your data.

Dataverse connects easily to all aspects of Microsoft Power Platform so that you can fully control, automate, and strengthen your business. With standard tables and columns, as well as the ability to easily define relationships between your data, Dataverse was built for powerful, scalable solutions.

Additional capability

  • Enterprise grade security – All identity is managed through Azure Active Directory, enabling rich policies and multi-factor authentication. Admin Center providing full audit logs, usage analytics, data loss prevention, security and data management
  • Full connectivity – Built-in connectivity to over 270+ cloud services, files, databases, web APIs, etc. Seamless hybrid connectivity to on-premises systems via the On-Premises Data Gateway
  • Microsoft ecosystem – Fully integrated into Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and Windows.

Power Platform Product Guide

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Power Platform Services

Bridgeall is a leading Microsoft gold partner that provides a range of services to support your journey with the Power Platform. We have a specialist team of Microsoft certified consultants and developers that work with your organisation to deliver quality solutions based on Microsoft Power Platform.

We provide a full range of Power Platform advisory, implementation, support and training services.

Power Platform Demo and Briefing

Book our Power Platform briefing to discover how your organization could benefit from the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Power Apps and Power Automate Quickstart

Harness the power of your organisation’s data and create better experiences for your employees and customers with Power Apps and Power Automate.  

With our Quickstart package we help you get up and running with Power Apps and Power Automate, develop a framework for success and give you the tools to start developing low code solutions. We’ll work with you to foster an environment where your users are empowered to identify opportunities and develop solutions quickly and securely.

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Power Apps: The Art of the Possible

In our Art of the Possible workshop, we will consult with you to identify a use case for the Power Platform within your organisation. We’ll deliver your first Power Platform solution for free as part of this limited offering.

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Power Apps, Power BI and Process Automation Training

Learn how to meet business challenges effectively with Microsoft Power Platform. Bridgeall offers training to help you with analysing data, building apps and automating processes.

Power Apps Training

React quickly to the ever-changing market and learn the skills to build custom, fully functional apps for your business using Microsoft Power Apps.   

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Power BI Training

Discover the capabilities of Power BI and learn how to present rich and compelling reports with Bridgeall’s Power BI training.

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Power Automate Training

With Bridgeall’s process automation training, anyone can learn how to automate processes with Microsoft Power Automate.

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Power Platform Solution Audit and Support

We offer organisations a full review audit and take over of support for your existing Power Platform solutions. We ensure your solution is running smoothly and following best practise and then provide ongoing support to give you peace of mind.

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Power Platform projects


Link Group – A Power Apps Health & Safety Risk Assessment Solution

One of the largest social landlords in Scotland, Link Group is a group of award-winning social enterprise companies serving over 15,000 customers.

As part of an on-going relationship with Link, supporting the Group on its journey to becoming a Modern Intelligent Workplace, Bridgeall delivered a new Risk Assessment solution using Power Apps. The new solution delivered cost and productivity improvements by streamlining the process of raising actions, reviewing and approving Risk assessments before they are finally published for use.

Consequently, Risk Assessments are now worked through to an approved state producing a final Risk Assessment document for organisation-wide use.

Guides & Whitepapers

Power Platform Services FAQ

The Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of digital solutions for citizen developers. They use a low-code drag and drop approach providing more people the ability to create digital solutions. The Power Platform allows users to create applications, automated workflows, interactive dashboards and chatbots.

A citizen developer is anyone in your organisation that is using low-code applications like Power Platform to create solutions where they are not a professional developer. As Power Platform is drag and drop and what they call low-code it allows anyone to be able to use it create solutions.

If you are technically minded or for example good with solutions like Microsoft Excel you will find the ability to move to Power Platform fairly easily.

The Power Platform comes with hundreds of out of the box connectors to easily access data or systems from most of the biggest digital platforms. There is also the ability to build custom and on-premise connectors to support any not already available.

The Power Platform generally offers a lower cost to implement than traditional software routes, driven by the fact that much of the capability is provided out of the box and the simple drag and drop editor.