Microsoft Mail Merge Solution



Bridgeall was selected by North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) to enhance an existing application to link Hewlett Packard's TRIM document management solution with Microsoft Word on Windows 7. Over the course of six months, Bridgeall delivered two versions of this solution to cater for different configurations of Microsoft software.

For organisations like North Lanarkshire Council, Microsoft Word Mail Merge is an attractive way of combining citizen data with standard letters and mailshots that are sent regularly to their customers. A record of all such correspondence is kept in North Lanarkshire Councils chosen document management system TRIM. Combining both products involving the uploading of finished documents has traditionally been a manual process which has been time consuming, repetitive and open to error.

Automation of manual processes

Bridgeall's Mail Merge solution automates the process of creating mail merge documents and transferring them directly to the TRIM document management system.  Available as a plug-in for Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010, the solution appears as an option under the Microsoft Word Mail Merge menu, offering a simple process for document naming, merge field addition, TRIM destination folder selection (including options for auto-creation of subfolders based on selectable merge fields), and transferring created letter documents to TRIM.

Seamless, error free and robust

North Lanarkshire Council now enjoys a seamless, error free and robust process that maximises their investment in both TRIM and Microsoft Word and ensures that all correspondence is subject to the same standard practices. NLC staff are now free to maximise their time as a result of this solution.

Marcia Jarnell, Information Services Manager for North Lanarkshire Council, commented "Working with Bridgeall on this project has been a rewarding experience. The Bridgeall team understood our needs, provided an effective solution and delivered it to us in a timely manner.

We were delighted with the results and look forward to working with Bridgeall again in the future."

The Managing Director of Bridgeall, Stephen Beer, said  "We are delighted to have secured this contract. We have developed an excellent working relationship with North Lanarkshire Council over the last six months.  Bridgeall's experience of developing, building and testing this kind of IT system means we have a thorough understanding of the processes required to link these products together in a robust and scalable way."  

He added "As a company Bridgeall has consistently shown that we can build IT solutions, no matter how complex the challenge.   At Bridgeall we pride ourselves on building relationships with clients and by delivering certainty on time and on budget. With the success of TRIM around the world, we welcome the opportunity to provide a tried and tested product and consulting expertise to this market in the UK and beyond. "


About North Lanarkshire Council

NLC is the fourth largest Scottish local authority, located in Central Scotland in between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  


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