Charity improves service with CRM


Mainstay Trust were heavily reliant on paper based systems to record the history of engagements. A notoriously laborious and challenging method for doing so.

Without a central CRM system to support them, important information was not always being documented or shared, leading to a large proportion of employee time being wasted on manual processes.

Managing staff allocation was particularly difficult, as information about service provision was stored on paper files and the processes relied heavily on staff to interpret information in order to make key decisions, on a daily basis.

The increased risk of human error was ever present.


Custom designed CRM solution

Bridgeall developed a custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution designed to support business process.

The CRM based solution provides all the features that Mainstay Trust need to manage the care plans and services they provide to their customers.

The custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution also features a bespoke plugin that:

  • Automates the generation of the weekly staff rota
  • Provides easy identification of exceptions caused by sickness or annual leave
  • Allows for the simple re-planning and scheduling of services in such occurrences

“We are still in the early stages of CRM adoption within our organisation, but the benefits it will bring to Mainstay are huge, as it future proofs our processes and conforms to strict governance policies and Care Inspectorate requirements.” Gill Dow, Director, Mainstay Trust Ltd

Mainstay Trust have also taken advantage of Bridgealls Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Service which includes routine maintenance, regular health checks, application support during operational hours, and resolution of technical issues.

This has provided peace of mind that any unforeseen technical issues can be resolved quickly and professionally.

“Mainstay Trust is a perfect example of how versatile Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be. It’s not only a great tool for managing customers and sales but can be used internally to manage multiple staff and work streams” says Dr Stephen Beer, MD, Bridgeall.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM has given Mainstay the functionality to effectively manage the rota for 160 staff, supporting over 100 service users.

If a staff member is absent then the solution will automatically suggest how to back fill the rota with another team member with the correct skillset.

It has also enabled Mainstay to move away from reliance on cumbersome paper-based processes, providing significant resource cost savings.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also now enabling Mainstay to capture key business data electronically in a way that is easily and readily accessible, with the functionality to report on KPIs and query the CRM, for business insights that will help drive the organisation forward to future success.

Most importantly, due to streamlining of internal processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enabled Mainstay Trust to improve service to their customers ensuring they continue to deliver exceptional support to their service users.

"Bridgeall have been a delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner”. Gill Dow, Director, Mainstay Trust Ltd.


About Mainstay Trust

Mainstay Trust Ltd is a Glasgow based charity offering a range of support services to people with a learning or physical disability across Scotland.

The Trust works closely with the people they support to plan the best possible service for them whether they are at home, out and about in the community or living in supported accommodation.


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