Complex Custom .NET Development Project


The Scottish Government asked the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to manage a project to design and build a register for the collection and validation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for all domestic and non-domestic buildings in Scotland.

This involved both the migration of information on the existing domestic register and the creation of a new register for non-domestic buildings.

The timescale was extremely challenging.



Bridgeall was appointed and the new combined register was designed, developed and deployed within six months.  

The design team had to be extremely flexible, accommodating multiple 3rd parties and changes to the specification as the solution was developed. It was important that this additional functionality was incorporated into the system to allow new services to come on stream at a later date, but this added considerably to the complexity of the project. To manage this challenge, Bridgeall tackled the project using an Agile development approach and that proved to be extremely successful.        

Latest estimates suggest that around 200,000 EPC will be generated annually from the new combined register, which plays a key role in the Scottish Government's drive to reduce the country's carbon footprint and meet the challenges of global warming.

The Head of Commercial Planning and Delivery with the Energy Saving Trust, Martin Hyland, said "The big challenge for Bridgeall was to convince us they had the capacity to deal with the complexity of delivering the combined EPC register, something that had not been done before.  

This was always going to be a tricky journey - we knew the destination but we had no clear route to deliver a one-stop solution for homes and businesses.  Bridgeall achieved everything we asked of them, and more.  Importantly, the solution was delivered on time and on budget."


Complex ASP.NET Development Project



"Everyone at the EST has been very impressed with the way Bridgeall dealt with problems, came up with solutions and juggled priorities as we developed this new register.   The team was extremely flexible, worked long hours to understand any issues and communicated very effectively with everyone involved.  

The Bridgeall team is already working on new streams of activity for the EST including the Green Deal."  said Martin Hyland, EST.

The Managing Director of Bridgeall, Stephen Beer, said "We have a very strong record of managing complex software development projects to successful completion and we are delighted to have delivered certainty for the Energy Saving Trust."    


About the Energy Savings Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is a social enterprise with a charitable foundation. Through partnerships they offer impartial advice to communities and households on how to reduce carbon emissions, use water more sustainably and save money on energy bills.


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