Bridging the CRM skills gap

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Several years ago, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage a number of key business operations including their specialised energy saving advice services.

After implementation, EST like many organisations, did not have budget to employ a dedicated Dynamics CRM administrator, an issue compounded by the fact that the internal IT department were overstretched and did not have the time or knowledge to support a new CRM.

EST were in danger of being left with a powerful CRM solution, the features of which they would not be able to maximise.

“In delivering programmes for Government we rely heavily on Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications for our advice centres.” says Martin Hyland, Head of Commercial Planning & Delivery, EST.

Essential CRM strategy

During the years following implementation, EST commissioned a number of contractors to develop the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Changes were made with little central governance and with minimal adherence to best practices in Dynamics CRM development.

The lack of a cohesive strategy regulating these developments meant that the CRM solution had become fragmented, complex, and did not meet the original objective of the solution.

In need of the right partner

EST required a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner to stabilise the solution, streamline maintenance and development processes, and provide application support on a permanent basis.

Impressed by Bridgeall’s knowledge, professionalism, and client oriented approach, EST appointed them to improve their current CRM environment and provide ongoing Microsoft Dynamics CRM support.

During the initial stages of engagement, Bridgeall spent time getting to know the Energy Saving Trust to understand their business processes and strategy, and how the CRM solution would fit within that.

“Bridgeall took time to understand our business and get to grips with how we needed the CRM solution to function” says Martin Hyland, Head of Commercial Planning & Delivery, EST.

Once Bridgeall understood the objectives, a full audit of their current Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation was carried out to determine what functionality and integration had been added, understand how it was being used, and investigate ways of streamlining and simplifying the solution.

Exceeding expectations

At the time of Bridgeall’s engagement there was a lengthy list of unresolved support calls and many dissatisfied users. It was clear that if nothing was done, then the continued misuse of the CRM would infringe on EST's reputation

Within 4 weeks Bridgeall had synchronised the CRM solution with existing business systems; achieved without loss of data or interruption to business.

“The CRM team at Bridgeall provides a first-class development and application support service for our needs. They have introduced an inclusive, collaborative change and development process that delivers in an agile and well-planned manner” says Martin Hyland, Head of Commercial Planning & Delivery, EST.


Once the live environment was deployed, a Bridgeall Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineer was able to develop a working action plan on how to use the CRM solution to improve business delivery.

Tailored support service - With a network of advice centres that operate from 8am to 8pm, Bridgeall is now providing service support for EST during those times, ensuring that any technical issues are addressed as soon as possible and customer satisfaction remains positive

Single point of response -The IT department are delighted with the improvement in application support as they now have consistency, expert support, and a far better level of system control

Predictable CRM -EST now have development, test and live production systems in a stable, synchronised state that enables future developments to be implemented in an orderly, predictable manner; with minimal risk

Flexible platform -The enhancement of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now enabling the business to be more dynamic and flexible, and better able to adapt within a sector of rapid change


The Future

Impressed by their professionalism and knowledge, the EST management team have retained the services of Bridgeall, not only to support and develop their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution but to provide strategic input into future IT developments.

Stephen Beer, Managing Director of Bridgeall, comments “as with all of our IT projects we look ahead to ensure our solutions not only address the current needs of a customer, but will be future proofed to enable them to meet their long-term business objectives.”

Martin Hyland goes on to say “Aside from their technical knowledge the key differentiators, in my view, are their attention to detail, commitment to getting the job done, and close engagement with our business teams. A very professional outfit delivering us reliability in a very dynamic area!”

About the Energy Savings Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is a social enterprise with a charitable foundation. Through partnerships they offer impartial advice to communities and households on how to reduce carbon emissions, use water more sustainably and save money on energy bills.


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