Water Sector

Central Market Agency Scotland


The Central Market Agency (CMA) plays a pivotal role in calculating wholesale bills amounting to £320 million per annum for the Scottish Water industry.   The calculations required to work out the charges associated with 150 thousand business customers are extremely complex but the market requires them to be correct. The CMA therefore needs certainty.

Accuracy and reliability are key

The CMA selected Bridgeall as the best equipped company to provide assurance that the billing calculation system can do the job properly and supply accurate bills. Bridgeall built a flexible mechanism that can provide a quick and precise test for a large number, currently around 1000, of complex billing scenarios.

The tests have to take account of multiple services, including metered and unmeasured clean water supplies, metered and unmeasured sewerage services, trade effluent treatment and surface water drainage. They must also reflect the myriad transactions that occur in the market. Accurate results must be produced with no disruption to the Central Systems.

When changes to calculations are demanded by the market, Bridgeall's tests have to quickly establish whether they continue to provide accurate results and, equally importantly, make sure that the new software does not corrupt existing services. The testing mechanism has proved to be accurate, extremely adaptable and cost effective in a market where failure could cause chaos.  


Jeremy Atkinson



The Chief Executive of the CMA, Jeremy Atkinson, said "Since I first met Bridgeall five years ago I have been enormously impressed by their ability to solve complex problems and to find solutions that work.   This can only be done through an instinctive feel for the utilities market and a 360 degree understanding of what the CMA is trying to achieve. I often find that the Bridgeall team have anticipated issues before they become a problem, a priceless quality in a contractor."  

Jeremy Atkinson added "Bridgeall proved themselves as a developer in the early days of the CMA when they built the Central Systems Calculation Service for the newly competitive Scottish water market. They work quickly, to tight deadlines and always deliver high quality solutions on budget. I expect the relationship between the CMA and Bridgeall to continue to grow."


About The CMA 

Based in Stirling, Scotland, the Cerntal Market Agency Ltd (CMA) administers the Market for water and wastewater retail services in Scotland. The CMA registers who is the licensed supplier of each business customer in Scotland. The CMA also calculates the money owed by each supplier to Scottish Water for wholesale services. 


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