Intern Case Study

Great people make businesses successful but sometimes they can be hard to find. Bridgeall recognises the importance of capturing fresh talent straight from university and developing graduates into well rounded software engineers.

To ensure that we get the cream of the crop Bridgeall developed an intern programme which offers 3rd year students a paid six week placement within their Glasgow office. The experience for the student is invaluable and will help them with their future studies as well as standing them in good stead for getting a job after graduation. In fact Bridgeall's first intern programme was a huge success with all candidates being offered permanent employment.

Recently Bridgeall took on three students and after assigning each intern with an experienced mentor individual tasks were set which would test their skills and expand their programming knowledge.  The interns were asked to design mobile Apps for three of Bridgealls' existing clients. During the initial stages of the project the interns attended client meetings to gather the requirements and fully understand the purpose and the functionality required. They then worked closely with their mentors to build and deploy a fully functional Mobile App. Throughout the project it was important for the intern to maintain communication with the customer to keep track of evolving requirements and ensure that the App they were developing would meet their needs.

Each student developed their App for a different operating system, IOS, Windows and Android, and then shared their knowledge and learnings between the other interns and Bridgeall developers. At the end of the project the interns had the opportunity to present their Mobile App to the customer giving them experience of an actual pitch and live customer feedback.

"The value of the intern programme exceeded our expectations and the benefits are three-fold. The students get to experience being a real life software developer within a top-notch development team at a time when they are thinking about their future and what path to take after university. Our customers get to explore new technologies and ideas and Bridgeall can determine the potential of the students and snap up talent at an early stage. It's a win-win programme" says Stephen Beer, Managing Director of Bridgeall.

What did the Interns have to say about their experience at Bridgeall ...

"Bridgeall has been an incredible experience for me as I was able to get involved with developing a professional mobile application within a real software company. The fact that it has allowed me to work on a project using Windows Mobile directly for one of Bridgeall's biggest clients has made it one of the most valuable experiences I could ever hope to gain as a Student of Software Development. This along with the incredible work environment has reminded me why I wanted to become a Software Developer in the first place".

"My internship at Bridgeall has been a great experience. Working alongside software developers and project managers gave me an insight into how a software company functions. Developing an iOS mobile application for one of Bridgeall's clients made me feel my work was of real value. As well as having great exposure to many new technologies, I have greatly developed my skill-set and the internship programme has been massively beneficial. Overall the Bridgeall Internship Programme has been of great value to me, it has developed my programming skills, presenting skills and communication skills".

In terms of enjoying Bridgeall, personally, I have gained a lot of programming experience and I can now program using C# and .NET. I found it to be really joyful learning a new programming language and discovering its capabilities. Furthermore, I have practiced my interest in software development and found it to be fantastic as it made me aware of real world challenges. It was my first time ever working within a software company and it was a really good experience.