The Six Core Competencies of Effective Project Leaders in a Digital Era

PMI Pulse of the Profession Report 2018

According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) most recent Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report 2018, the six core competencies of an effective project leader in an era of digital disruption are data science skills; an innovative mindset; security and privacy knowledge; legal and compliance knowledge; the ability to make data-driven decisions; and collaborative leadership.

the top six digital age skills for project deliverySource: The Project Manager of the Future: Developing Digital-Age Project Management Skills to Thrive in Disruptive Times.

Based on in-depth research covering 469 human resource and 523 project leaders in nine countries, the report concludes that organisations need to ensure that their workforce master these skills by factoring them into the recruitment process, as well as investing in training and professional development.

The three main report takeaways are:

Make training and development a priority: As project leaders take on a more expansive role, training and skills development have become essential. Innovator companies are responding with formal processes for developing those competencies through internal and external training.

Embrace next-level tools and approaches that work: Digital transformation relies on an organisation’s ability to leverage evolving technology and tools to support best practice, including lean agile, Scrum, waterfall, and Kanban.

Nurture a flexible culture: Organisations need to create and nurture a culture that views disruptive technologies as an opportunity to evolve best practices. .

With project leaders beginning to occupy a more strategic role within organisations (strategy is implemented through projects), it is important that leaders of change fully utilise the potential of digital technologies to move beyond routine tasks, such as scheduling, to higher-level work, including strategic thinking and planning.

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