Power BI Mixed Reality App

Power BI Mixed Reality App

This, as they say, is cool! Microsoft has recently announced preview of the Power BI for Mixed Reality app.

As regular readers of the Bridgeall blog will know, we are strong advocates of the business benefits to be derived from using Power BI, a suite of tools from Microsoft that automatically transforms your organisation’s data into rich visuals.

Positioned as a leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, Power BI is easy to integrate with most existing databases, providing the tools to transform, analyse, visualise and share data across multiple devices. Your whole business on one dashboard.

The powerful interactive reports provided by Power BI allow you to develop actionable insights from the wealth of data already being collected across your organisation.

Power BI Goes Mixed Reality

With the mission to 'empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more with data', Microsoft has developed the Power BI app for Mixed Reality providing more flexibility for data consumption.

Two groups who will benefit enormously from the new app are first line task workers and service engineers who rely on data insights to make correct, often mission critical, decisions.

At the moment, to access data these key workers need to stop what they are doing then login in to a laptop, mobile device or display screen to access data.

As the images below show, they can now access mission critical data, hands-free using their Power BI dashboard on Microsoft HoloLens, allowing them to interact with report pages and dashboards on top of their real-world environment. 

From Bridgeall's perspective, this is not only cool, but very useful to enhancing productivity across a number of the sectors we operate in including water utilities, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and others.

Power BI Mixed Reality App

Power BI

You can find out more here - Power BI Mixed Reality App.

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