Microsoft Teams with Office 365

Microsoft Teams

Used effectively, Microsoft collaboration solutions can help your organisation work better, more efficiently and effectively, through the seamless integration of hardware, apps and communication tools. This includes Microsoft Surface, Teams, Office 365 and Surface Hub – see previous posts in this series Digital Workplaces.

In this post, we examine how to leverage the full potential of Teams by integrating it closely with Office 365.

Teams with Office 365

As stated in our recent e-book, Microsoft Teams is naturally integrated with all the familiar Office applications, and with the Office 365 global, secure cloud. This provides a more fluid and open environment for all team members, allowing people at every level of the organisation to pool their knowledge and resources instantly.

Teams with Office 365 empowers employees. It provides a collaborative hub supporting effective group work involving staff from different backgrounds, often with conflicting objectives and timescales. Purpose-built applications integrate seamlessly with other Office 365 tools including Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, Skype for Business, PowerBI as well as the standard Office 365 productivity tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

Used effectively, Teams can streamline internal processes and systems, improve efficiency and reduce costs. It can deliver the business benefits associated with digital workplaces - a more collaborative, cost efficient, agile, responsive, data driven organisation, ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age (see our previous blog post Digital Workplaces Explained in Four Tag Clouds).

Digital Workplaces

Integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Teams provides a complete collaboration solution for your organisation allowing staff to access the right information quickly, regardless of location. It is specifically designed to help teams collaborate in real-time, iterate quickly on projects, while sharing files and working jointly on shared outcomes. Groups in different locations can simultaneously work on projects, share ideas and edit content in real-time.

Since every organisation is unique, the Microsoft Teams with Office 365 interface can easily be customised and personalised to meet the specific needs of different individuals and groups, including intelligent first-party and third-party services. Tabs provide quick access to frequently used documents and cloud services.

Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo

With 120 million users across 200,000 organisations worldwide, Teams has become the #1 enterprise collaboration tool of choice, getting work done efficiently and effectively in an era of turbulent change and digital disruption.

You can experience a short interactive demo of how Microsoft Teams works by clicking the image below.

Microsoft Teams

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