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Microsoft Teams

A previous blog post, Making Teamwork Work, discussed the key challenges facing organisations in helping people work together effectively - changing workers, changing lifestyles, dispersed teams, complex hierarchies.

In this follow-up post, we examine how Microsoft collaboration solutions can help your organisation work better, more efficiently and effectively, through the seamless integration of hardware, apps and communication tools.

As presented in our recent e-book, Microsoft provides a complete collaboration solution combining Microsoft Surface, Teams, Office 365 and Surface Hub – see Work Better Together with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Surface

Surface can completely change how people in your organisation work together. By breaking down barriers, and utilising the full functionality of Microsoft Azure, it supports new ways of writing, designing, learning, co-operating and problem solving, backed-up with enterprise grade security.   

Microsoft Teams

A powerful communications tool providing a digital hub for teamwork - a secure, compliant seamless and immersive environment including chat, calls, team meetings, private conversations, video, bots, and connectors - all customised and personalised to the specific needs of individual employees. Used effectively, Teams allows employees to communicate in real time keeping everyone in the know. Team members can share files, apps or desktop in online meetings, reviewing important moments later with transcriptions of recorded content.

Office 365 

With Office 365, you get all the productivity and communications tools you need to work with other people, accessible anywhere and anytime. Office applications allow you to create, edit and share with your team in real time, opening new possibilities for remote collaboration.

Microsoft Surface Hub

A first-of-its-kind device purpose built for meetings. Designed to unlock the power of the group, the Surface Hub platform allows staff to build large-screen apps for group productivity supported by advanced, modern workplace technology. It is flexible enough to turn any room on-board, whether a large conference facility or informal huddle space.

Microsoft Teams, Surface devices, Surface Hub and Office 365 can all be seamlessly combined to provide a powerful integrated collaboration solution designed to overcome the four key teamwork challenges mentioned above.

In a follow-up post, we will examine how to leverage the full potential of Teams by integrating it closely with Office 365.

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Our e-book, with Microsoft, can be downloaded here - Work Better Together with Microsoft Teams.