smartPMO now with Power BI Reporting

We are delighted to announce that Bridgeall smartPMO, our Cloud based Project Management Office solution, has recently been updated to include full Power BI reporting, providing rich visual insights into programme and project performance.

About smartPMO

smartPMO provides a one-stop shop for delivering a consistent approach to project portfolio management, governance and reporting. Developed from our own extensive experience and successful track record of delivering a broad range of projects across diverse industries, smartPMO provides a low-cost solution for managing the progress, reporting, quality and governance of your organisation’s project portfolio, all in one place.

A single dashboard provides a consolidated overview of all projects, programmes and portfolios leading to better informed decision-making, 24/7, from any device, anywhere. Easy to set-up and customisable to the specific needs of your organisation, smartPMO delivers more efficient and effective outcomes by ensuring consistent management processes, governance and reporting across project portfolios.

Using the Programme/Project Dashboard, senior management and PMO users can easily view the RAG status of all Projects within Programmes at a glance; visually identifying “hot spots” i.e. Amber and Red projects requiring attention.

The filtering option then allows users to order each data item providing a quick view of projects grouped by Category, RAG status, cost or a combination of data fields, quickly understanding key challenges with these projects.

Users then have the ab­ility to drill down to individual projects to carry out daily tasks. From here they can update the project governance checks for each stage of delivery.

Bridgeall PMO

Power BI Reporting

The Microsoft Power BI reporting extension provides senior management with powerful visual insight into the current state of projects and programmes. The reports are interactive providing users with full data drill down and analysis by clicking on any element, table row or chart.

Eleven pre-built reports are available as listed below.

  • Project Statistics Report (shown below)
  • Project Status Report
  • Project Budget vs Project Actual Report (shown below)
  • Projects Due to Go Live Report
  • Project Tasks to complete Report:
  • Dashboard Report (shown below)
  • Project by Topic Report
  • Risks Report
  • Escalated Risks Report
  • Issues Report
  • Escalated Issue Report

Other reports can be made available on a customised basis.

Please Note: the screen captures below relate to hypothetical projects and are for illustrative purposes only.

Power BI Reports

 Power BI Reports

 Power BI Reports

With the addition of Power BI functionality, smartPMO makes life even easier for the busy Project Management Office, Senior Executive and Project Sponsor, at each stage of the project life cycle, by providing a single version of the truth in one location.

It enables organisations to efficiently generate and share key project information throughout the project life cycle, with clear quality gates for each stage of delivery; providing an information hub for quality, governance, internal and external reporting; ensuring that all project governance processes are adhered to in a standard and consistent manner for all projects.

Full details can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you would like a free demo of smartPMO in action.