Office 365: Engine for Building Agile Workplaces

Office 365

Digital operating advantage is one of the key pillars of successful transformation - leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for working differently and more efficiently, improving productivity, achieving cost savings, building a more collaborative, agile organisation.

With sales now exceeding traditional software licenses, Office 365, the Microsoft cloud-based service, is now firmly established as the world’s leading office productivity suite.

As shown in the Infographic below, O365 provides access to a wide range of productivity enhancing and collaboration tools accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Figure 1: High Level Overview of O365 (click to enlarge)

Office 365 Overview

Source: Iain Fielding blog

While adoption of Office 365 has increased rapidly over the last few years, new research from Gartner suggests that few organisations are utilising its full potential. Only two of the many components available in O365 were found to be providing significant value. Not surprisingly, these were e-mail and the main Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

From Bridgeall’s perspective, the Gartner results highlight a significant disconnect between how Office 365 is currently being used by most organisations and its real potential.

Moving to the cloud with O365 can deliver immediate benefits in terms of lower costs, anywhere, anytime access. Digital operating advantage, however, can only be derived from leveraging its full potential for building modern, efficient and agile workplaces, fit-for-purpose in a digital era.

It is not just about adoption but maximising the full potential of Office 365 as the world’s leading productivity and enterprise collaboration suite. This will often require changes in organisational capabilities, mindsets, processes and culture supported by the wide range of productivity and collaboration tools available. Aligning work practices with Microsoft’s vision for Office 365.

In a forthcoming series of blog posts, we will provide best-practice advice supporting your organisation in leveraging the full potential of O365. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bridgeall can help you understand, evaluate, test, configure and implement Office 365 for maximum value.

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