PMO: European CEO Guide to Project Management

PMO, Project Management Officd

Previous blog posts have argued that the PMO is fast becoming the de facto organisational structure for standardising project management best-practice, ensuring that projects and programmes are delivered on time, on budget, with agreed outcomes achieved.

This view has been reinforced in a recent series of six short video interviews with Mark A. Langley, CEO and President of the Project Management Institute, published on the European CEO web site.

The videos explore the organisational competencies required to become a ‘project management champion’. Organising project managers with a PMO or Enterprise PMO is one of the five main characteristics distinguishing a ‘project management champion’ from an underperforming organisation.

The other four characteristics are a focus on talent development for project and programme managers; a system of executive sponsorship; a focus on benefits realisation management; agility and agile practices.

The six sessions, embedded below, cover the following.

Part One: project management as a strategic competency; the five things distinguishing a project champion from underperformers.

Part Two: the importance of talent development and a defined career path for project and programme managers.

Part Three: the critical role of PMOs & EPMOs.

Part Four: the role of Executive Sponsorship in breaking down silos, overcoming roadblocks to project and programme success. Research shows that the number one factor for project success is an engaged executive sponsor.

Part Five: a clear and sustained focus on benefits realisation management.

Part Six: the convergence of agile practices combined with more traditional project management approaches.


All strategic change happens through projects and programmes. With many organisations struggling to deliver transformation due to poor project management, an efficient and effective PMO has become a core competency of ‘project champions’.

Bridgeall PMO has been developed to provide a one stop shop for the busy Project Management Office, delivering a consistent approach to project portfolio management, governance and reporting.

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