Microsoft Azure: ‘Planning Pays’ (Infographic)

Microsoft Azure: ‘Planning Pays’ (Infographic)

As more organisations in the UK move from the WHY of the cloud to the HOW, there is a growing need for a more strategic approach to be adopted.

Effective use of the cloud can deliver a broad range of business and IT related benefits – lower costs, business transformation, greater efficiency, new working practices, performance, flexibility, security and so on. The key word here is ‘effective’ use.

Not every cloud implementation delivers intended benefits. Problems often arise due to the absence of clearly defined business objectives, poor planning and implementation.

A clear vision, strategy and action plan is required to guide your migration to Azure, ensuring that your organisation leverages the full potential of the cloud for accelerating digital transformation.

Microsoft Azure: Planning for Success

As shown in the Infographic below, Bridgeall recommend five key steps in planning for Azure success (please click image to enlarge).

Infographic: Planning for Azure Success

Infographic: Planning for Azure Success

Source: Bridgeall (2018)

Future Posts

Moving to the cloud does not automatically translate into successful digital transformation. A range of other complex issues are involved relating to the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology - see Technology AND Organisation are Key

Digital transformation, however, cannot take place unless supported by the flexibility, lower costs, enhanced efficiency, performance and security provided by a cloud-enabled infrastructure such as Azure.

By providing the ability to scale up or down, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimisation, Azure facilitates new ways of working, acting as a catalyst for the introduction of innovative new working practices. It offers a more cost effective, lower risk and faster platform supporting rapid agile development. Immediate, on-demand access to the latest solutions and approaches, such as AI and Internet of Things, is provided in a ready-to-deploy environment.

Future posts in this series will cover the key steps involved in developing, implementing and managing a successful Azure based strategy for your organisation as outlined in the Infographic above.

Being a Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency partner, Bridgeall would be more than happy to discuss your cloud requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an informal chat.

Previous Posts

A previous blog post in this series argued that a tipping point had been reached in enterprise cloud adoption, with one estimate predicting a global public cloud market of $178bn for 2018, up from $146bn in 2017; equivalent to a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22 per cent – see Year of the Cloud 2018.

In a follow-up post, we provided a brief overview of Microsoft Azure, the world’s #1 cloud services platform for corporate and public sector organisations.