SharePoint Success with Bridgeall


Now tightly integrated with Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint is the market leading collaboration platform used by an estimated 190 million people across 200,000 organisations worldwide.

It provides an ideal solution for supporting new collaborative ways of working across your organisation, sharing and managing content, knowledge and applications, finding information quickly and empowering teamwork.

Used effectively, SharePoint provides the foundation for building cost efficient, agile, collaborative and responsive digital workplaces.

The key term here is ‘used effectively’. Implementing a successful SharePoint solution is no easy task. It requires expert support from highly experienced SharePoint consultants, guiding your organisation through the various stages from planning to execution.

In a series of forthcoming blog articles, Bridgeall’s highly experienced team of SharePoint consultants will provide advice on the intricacies and complexities of getting the most out of the SharePoint platform including: SharePoint strategy, planning and deployment; installation and configuration; migration and custom development; upgrades and support; training; metadata and governance; SharePoint Intranets; other related issues critical to successful implementation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner x 5, Bridgeall offer a variety of services customised to meet the needs of organisations at different stages of their SharePoint journey. We have delivered tangible business benefits to organisations at the SharePoint planning stage, those deploying SharePoint for the first time, through to mature SharePoint user organisations looking to drive further efficiency improvements from the latest SharePoint features.

Please feel free to contact our experts for an informal chat around what SharePoint can do for your organisation.