Digital Workplaces Explained in Four Tag Clouds

Digital Workplaces Bridgeall

Previous Bridgeall blog posts have argued that successful digital transformation requires the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology.

The failure to recognise these mutual dependencies is one of the main reasons why many attempted transformations will fail.

Digital Culture: Your Competitive Advantage

Recent research by Microsoft, in association with London Business School, examined the critical link between people and technology. 

Based on a detailed study of 20,000 employees working in European medium-to-large size organisations across different industries, the Digital Culture report identified three key pillars of successful digital transformation – digital leadership, culture change and technology.

Organisations combining strong digital leadership and digital cultures with the effective use of modern technologies outperformed others across a range of performance indicators including higher productivity, enhanced innovation, employee empowerment, talent recruitment and retention.

“To compete in today’s cloud-first world you not only need modern technology, you also need a strong digital culture. This is an environment where business leaders champion technology as critical in helping the company thrive and helping each individual achieve more.”

The report concluded that significant differences emerge when a business equips workers with technology, supported by a strong digital culture. Workers become more productive, working smarter, not necessarily harder. Quality, efficiency and competitiveness increase. With people working in more creative and collaborative ways, the digital organisation becomes more responsive to dynamic changes in the external business environment.

Digital Workplaces

Microsoft’s report adds to the growing number of studies highlighting the importance of digital workplaces to future proofing your organisation.

For Bridgeall, a digital workplace is one which leverages the full potential of technology to rethink the way things are done, breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated systems. Technology, supported by a strong digital culture, is used to build Digital Operational Advantage – becoming a more efficient, cost effective, collaborative, agile, responsive organisation ‘fit-for-purpose’ in an increasingly digital world.

Our thinking is illustrated in the four tag clouds below:

Pre-Digital Organisation Paradoxes

Despite the progress being made in digital transformation, many organisations (probably the majority) remain stuck in a pre-digital time warp. Hierarchy, bureaucracy, legacy technology, legacy management thinking, siloes, red tape and a control mentality fossilise old practices, processes and employee thinking. The organisation is slow to respond to the rapid changes taking place in the external business environment. Significant scope for improvement exists in creating a more productive, efficient, responsive organisation. The burden of excessive email and pointless meetings act as major productivity busters.Digital WorkplacesDigital Workplaces

A digital first culture, combined with strong digital leadership, ensures that technology is fully embedded at the core of everything the organisation does to streamline internal processes and systems, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The net result is a more collaborative, cost efficient, agile, responsive, data driven organisation, ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age. Using modern, visual-based, self-service business intelligence software, such as Power BI, decision-making is based on actionable insights derived from data rather than managerial hunch. The organisation constantly monitors the digital landscape looking for new opportunities to rethink the way it operates e.g. the Cloud, IoT, AI, the Blockchain etc.

Digital WorkplacesBusiness Benefits

Digital workplaces can deliver a wide range of business benefits. These include: increased revenue; reduced costs; faster time-to-market; enhanced innovation; improved customer and employee experiences; greater agility and responsiveness; higher productivity; talent recruitment and retention; transformation.Business BenefitsBridgeall Digital Workplace Solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bridgeall have worked closely with a wide range of public and private sector organisations accelerating digital transformation by delivering ‘exceptional software. assured’. Our services, products, technologies and overall approach help to transform the engine of your organisation, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for delivering business improvement; building bridges between IT and the business, between exceptional software assured and tangible business outcomes.Digital Workplace SolutionsPlease do not hesitate to contact us if we can help your organisation become a digital workplace.