SharePoint Project Management Office (PMO) Launched

SharePoint Project Management (PMO) Office Launched

Successful business transformation requires projects to be delivered on time, on budget, with agreed objectives being achieved.

Given the complexities involved in managing multiple projects, Bridgeall are delighted to announce the official launch of our new Project Management Office (PMO) solution.

Based on our own extensive experience of delivering ‘exceptional software assured’, PMO has been developed to help organisations deliver their digital transformation and change management programmes by ensuring a consistent, best-practice approach to project management and governance.

A modern web application built on the collaborative functionality and robust document management functions of SharePoint Online, PMO delivers a standalone solution for managing the progress reporting, quality and governance of your organisation’s portfolio of projects, all in one place.

Key Benefits

  • Centralised programme/project dashboard – an intuitive dashboard providing a single version of the truth for project data, allowing managers to view the status of all projects within programmes at a glance, filtered based on areas of interest.
  • Project portfolio planning and review – senior management and PMO users can filter and order data items to provide a quick view of projects grouped by programme, RAG status, cost or any combination of data fields.
  • Project site creation – new project sites and categories can easily be set up.
  • Programme/project level RAID logs – programme or project managers can produce RAID Logs in a consistent format with the option to raise RAID items to the level above (Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies).
  • Highlight report generation – highlight reports can easily be generated for each project from the data entered into PMO, providing a consistent version of events in a standard format for each project.
  • Searchable and consistent document management & repository – standard document types and templates are included within PMO ensuring that a consistent approach is adopted across all projects.
  • Integration with Microsoft Project Office – Microsoft Project integration as standard including task allocation, progress and overall timeline.
  • Project governance – PMO delivers timely updates throughout the project lifecycle ensuring a consistent approach to project management and governance.
  • Hosted in Azure Cloud – PMO is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud SharePoint Online platform with Azure App Services providing greater reliability, security and productivity at a much lower cost compared to on-premise server infrastructure or applications. Premier disaster recovery capabilities are provided with a team of security experts monitoring systems around the clock to safeguard your data. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a service level agreement financially backed by Microsoft, PMO provides enhanced security and traceability combined with 24/7 any-place, any-device access for employees.
  • Customisation – PMO can easily be customised to the specific needs of your own organisation

As we move from the ‘WHY’ of transformation to the ‘HOW’, PMO can help accelerate the digital transformation of your organisation by providing a low-cost but highly effective solution to project management complexity.

Case Example

Tried and tested on our own client projects, PMO is already being successful used by a number of organisations including the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Employing over 700 people, SQA is one of the world’s leading education accreditation and qualification awarding organisations. Operating internationally, it accredits and quality assures qualifications for a wide range of partner organisations including governments, universities, businesses and individuals.

SQA is involved in a large and very diverse range of programmes throughout the world. PMO has been successfully implemented to provide the organisation with a consistent and centralised way of managing its broad portfolio of projects, providing Senior Management with real time insight into the current status of the circa 70 projects taking place at any one time.

Stephen Sharkey, Head of Service IT Programmes & Planning, SQA says:

Bridgeall developed and designed our new PMO system to support our business while we undertake a major business transformation. As a company, they are agile, receptive and made a point of understanding our requirements both from a business and a technical perspective. I highly recommend them.

We will be happy to provide a free demo of PMO for your own organisation. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your requirements. Thank you.