Project Management Office Case Study: Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

Project Management Office Case Study: Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

In a recent blog post, Bridgeall announced the successful launch of our new Project Management Office (PMO) solution developed to help organisations deliver their digital transformation and change management programmes by ensuring a consistent, best-practice approach to project management and governance.

A modern web application built on the collaborative functionality and robust document management functions of SharePoint Online, PMO delivers a standalone solution for managing the progress, reporting, quality and governance of your organisation’s portfolio of projects, all in one place. It has been developed based on our own extensive experience of delivering ‘exceptional software assured’.

In this short case study, we discuss how one organisation has successfully implemented PMO to centralised the management of project reporting, providing senior management with greater insight into the status of projects throughout the organisation. The end result is efficient and effective project management and project governance.


About SQA

Employing over 700 people, SQA is one of the world’s leading education accreditation and qualification awarding organisations.

As well as being Scotland’s national awards body, SQA has global reach, accrediting and quality assuring qualifications for a wide range of partner organisations around the world including governments, universities, businesses and individuals.

With a mission of helping people to realise their full potential and achieve their ambitions, SQA are responsible for a very large and diverse range of programmes at any one time, providing high quality, internationally recognised qualifications and associated services.

The Challenge

Given the diversity of SQA’s programme and project portfolio across multiple countries, there was an urgent need for a Microsoft based project management solution to provide a consistent and centralised way of running projects, providing senior management with detailed reports on progress being made and the status of each individual project.

A key requirement was a single dashboard allowing senior management to review all projects in real time.

The Solution

As an experienced developer of Microsoft technology, Bridgeall’s proposed approach of deploying and tailoring our Project Management Office (PMO) solution, utilising SharePoint Online, was chosen as the most effective way of standardising processes and documentation to support the project management lifecycle.

Working with other large organisations, Bridgeall had already developed a highly effective PMO solution for managing business transformation programmes which negated the requirement for inefficient and ineffective spreadsheets.

To get started quickly, Bridgeall configured a trial Office 365 tenant for SQA, deploying PMO with standard project content types and metadata. This allowed SQA to review the solution.

The default proof of concept solution contained the following functionality:

  • Self-service provision of new projects.
  • Progress reporting at an aggregated level.
  • Automatic generation of RAID Logs.
  • Default Bridgeall content types and metadata.

We then worked with SQA, in an Agile manner, to develop a customised solution meeting their specific requirements, combining SharePoint, Microsoft Cloud and Office 365.

In close collaboration with the team at SQA, the initial proof of concept solution was updated to define reporting requirements including:

  • SQA content types and metadata.
  • Automatic generation of SharePoint data into highlight reports.
  • Aggregated RAID Logs.
  • Aggregated project milestones.

The final SharePoint based PMO solution provided SQA with a consistent and centralised way of tracking and managing projects, all from a single dashboard, delivered on time within budget and with all SQA customised requirements being delivered.


Using Bridgeall’s Project Management Office (PMO) solution as a base, SQA now has a customised, consistent and centralised way of running and managing all projects providing the senior management team with actionable insight on the circa 70 projects in progress at any one time throughout the organisation.

SQA continue to work with Bridgeall to enhance the solution further and deliver richer functionality through the project lifecycle.


Stephen Sharkey, Head of IT Programmes & Business Systems at SQA said:

“Bridgeall developed and designed our new PMO system to support our business while we undertake a major business transformation. As a company, they are agile, receptive and made a point of understanding our requirements both from a business and a technical perspective. I highly recommend them”.

Bridgeall will be happy to provide a free demo of Project Management Office for your own organisation.

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Thank you and take care.