New Resource Guides on Migrating to the Cloud

New Resource Guides on Migrating to the Cloud

As stated in previous blog posts, migrating to the Cloud does not automatically translate into digital transformation. A wide range of other complex issues are involved. Digital transformation, however, cannot take place unless supported by the Cloud.

The flexibility provided by a Cloud-enabled infrastructure is essential for the digital transformation of your organisation. Used effectively, the Cloud can deliver a broad range of business and IT related benefits in terms of lower costs, greater efficiency, new working practices, performance, flexibility, security and so on.

By providing agility, the ability to scale up or down, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimisation, the Cloud facilitates new ways of working, acting as a catalyst for innovation. It offers a more cost effective, lower risk and faster platform supporting rapid agile development. Immediate, on-demand access to the latest solutions and approaches is provided in a ready-to-deploy environment.

New Resource Guides from Microsoft

Back in October/November of last year, we published a 5 part blog series providing strategic and highly practical advice on migrating to the Cloud.

Two new resource guides from Microsoft provide excellent updates to the earlier advice provided.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy e-book

Published last week, and free to download, the second edition of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Strategy e-book provides a very detailed and comprehensive guide on developing and executing a cloud migration strategy for your organisation.

Over 140 pages, three parts and 13 chapters, the valuable resource provides detailed advice on managing your cloud journey roadmap

In the two years since publication of the first edition, discussions about the Cloud have moved form the ‘why’ to the ‘how’. The Cloud has become an integral part of the IT strategy of most organisations. The only question now is the best way to do it.

Based on real-world experiences and case studies, the e-book covers the following:

Part I: Beginnings

Chapter 1: The cloud, efficiency, and innovation

Chapter 2: The cloud: what is it?

Chapter 3: Journey to the cloud: the roadmap

Chapter 4: Experimentation

Part II: Moving IT to the cloud

Chapter 5: Building the capability

Chapter 6: Portfolio analysis

Chapter 7: Building and executing the plan

Chapter 8: DevOps makes teams more productive

Chapter 9: Cloud security and governance

Part III: A new age of IT

Chapter 10: To the cloud, and back again

Chapter 11: New application models

Chapter 12: It’s all about the data

Chapter 13: AI transforms your business

Additional resources and further reading are provided.

You can download the book here (registration required) – Enterprise Cloud Strategy 2nd Edition.

Given the length of the book and the level of detail provided, we will present key point summaries of core sections in a series of blog posts over the coming weeks.


To support launch of the updated edition of the new book, a webinar is being organised with the two authors Barry Briggs and Eduardo Kassner, providing tips and strategies for moving your organisation and your skillset to the cloud.

You can register here to find out more – Webinar: Migrate to the Cloud and Transform your Company