New PMI Reports Highlight the Importance of Agile to Project Success

The Importance of Agile

In a recent blog post, we summarised PMI’s 9th Pulse of the Profession Report 2017.

One of the main conclusions of the report, based on a global survey of circa 4,000 project management professionals, senior executives and PMO directors, was the increasing use of Agile as a technique for managing projects. A full 71 percent of those surveyed claimed to be following agile approaches, with one in five projects using Agile over the last year.

Project management ‘champions’, organisations with a project success rate of 80 per cent or more, have a greater tendency to use Agile (55%) compared to ‘underperformers’ (24%), defined as organisations with a project success rate of 60 percent or less.

The ability to quickly sense and adapt to change by using Agile approaches had contributed to an overall improvement in project success rates. For the first time in five years, the report concluded that more projects are meeting original goals on time, on budget.

New ‘Thought Leadership’ Agile Reports

Supporting the strong link established between the use of Agile and overall project management success, PMI* have recently added three new publications to their ‘Thought Leadership Series’ covering how organisations can achieve greater agility, defined as the ‘capability to quickly sense and adapt to external and internal changes to deliver relevant results in a productive and cost-effective manner’.

The three new reports, released during the organisation’s sixth annual PMO Symposium in Houston, attended by more than 500 of the world’s top Project Management Office (PMO) executives, organisational leaders and senior decision makers, can be found here.

They include:

Achieving Greater Agility: The Essential Influence of the C-Suite – the critical role of the C-suite in driving organisational agility.

Achieving Greater Agility: The Critical Need for Cross-Functional Collaboration – covering lines of business and how companies can create a culture that encourages dynamism and innovation.

Achieving Greater Agility: The Vital Role of Culture and Commitment – exploring key factors helping to accelerate organisational transformation.

The common theme running throughout each report is digital disruption:

“With heightened competition and accelerating disruptions from new technology, market shifts, and social change, the need for organisations worldwide to demonstrate agility is greater than ever. As technology becomes even more advanced, as we move forward in this digital age, the success of many organisations will hinge on their ability to react and adapt to unexpected roadblocks and market changes, being able to switch priorities quickly without losing momentum.”

PMI’s full ‘Thought Leadership Series’ can be found at

*Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading association for those who consider project, programme or portfolio management their profession. It delivers services to over three million professionals around the world. More details at

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