MyAnalytics: Track Where Your Time Goes

In a previous blog post, we argued that the average knowledge worker spends less than 60 per cent of their working week being productive, with the main ‘productivity busters’ being excessive e-mail, pointless meetings and constant interruptions.

Most readers of the Bridgeall blog will easily identify with this.

A useful tool from Microsoft allows you to track your own ‘productivity busters’.

Free with Office 365 Enterprise E5 and as an add-on with other plans, MyAnalytics provides a personal dashboard showing how you spend your time in key areas such as meetings, email, performing key tasks and collaborating with others. It also shows how much time you spend working outside normal working hours.

The visual data presented by MyAnalytics provides real-time insight allowing you and your team to work smarter, more efficiently and effectively with better scheduling of your time to match specific goals and priorities.

Used effectively, MyAnalytics can reduce lost time and other inefficiencies.

The video embedded below shows how it works.

More information can be found here – MyAnalytics.