The Cloud and Digital Transformation

The Cloud and Digital Transformation

Welcome to the first in our series of blog articles covering the key technologies underpinning digital transformation, the range of software support services provided by Bridgeall to help you on your journey.

As stated in a previous post (Technology AND Organisation are Key), successful digital transformation requires the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology.

With this in mind, using the Cloud does not automatically translate into digital transformation; a range of other complex issues are involved. Digital transformation, however, cannot take place unless supported by the Cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud

The flexibility provided by a Cloud-enabled infrastructure is essential for the digital evolution of your organisation. Used effectively, the Cloud can deliver a broad range of business and IT related benefits in terms of lower costs, greater efficiency, new working practices, performance, flexibility, security and so on.

By providing agility, the ability to scale up or down, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimisation, the Cloud facilitates new ways of working, acting as a catalyst for innovation. It offers a more cost effective, lower risk and faster platform supporting rapid agile development. Immediate, on-demand access to the latest solutions and approaches is provided in a ready-to-deploy environment.

Effective use of the Cloud is also mission critical in supporting the Five Main Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation:

  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Building digital operating advantage
  • Deriving actionable insight from data
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Transforming organisational models

Evidence is emerging that early adopters of the cloud are outpacing organisations who have yet to embrace the technology. Cloud adopters are much more likely to have achieved their digital business and infrastructure objectives compared with non-adopters.

There is a real danger that organisations who have not yet become fully Cloud enabled will be caught in a ‘vicious circle’ of decline. Their ability to keep up-to-speed with rapid digital change will be constrained by unstable and inflexible infrastructures, legacy systems and IT management approaches stuck in a pre-Cloud time warp.

There will be ‘winners and losers’ in digital transformation. Winners will be those who successfully combine Cloud and wider Digital Transformation strategies at the same time. Technology AND organisation working together to drive transformation.

How Bridgeall Can Help

At Bridgeall, we facilitate this transformation by building bridges between IT and the business; between exceptional software assured and tangible business outcomes.

We can support you on your Cloud Journey in a number of ways:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • ROI Calculation Service
  • Design and Architecture
  • Prototypes and Proof-of-concepts
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Development & Implementation
  • Operational Management Services

For more details, please see here – Grow Your Business with Microsoft Azure

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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