Software and Technology: The Engine Driving Digital Transformation (Video)

Software and Technology: The Engine Driving Digital Transformation (Video)

The topic of digital transformation has been covered extensively on the Bridgeall blog – see Category Archives: Digital Transformation.

Throughout the various posts, we have emphasised that successful digital transformation requires the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology. The failure to recognise this mutual dependency is one of the main reasons why many attempted transformations fail – see our most recent post What Transformational Leaders Have In Common.

The key steps involved in developing, implementing and managing successful digital transformation programmes are being covered in our current series of posts on Accelerating Digital.

The Engine of Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires the effective combination of technology AND organisation.

While previous blog posts have covered the latter, to date we have said very little about the technologies underpinning transformation or the range of software support services provided by Bridgeall.

This is no way underplays the importance of software and technology to digital transformation success. On their own, they may not be enough, but without excellence in software development and project delivery, digital change programmes will very quickly hit the buffers. Software and technology is the engine powering organisational transformation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Bridgeall work closely with a wide range of public and private sector organisations accelerating digital transformation through delivering ‘exceptional software. assured’.

Our services, products, technologies and overall approach help to transform the engine of your organisation, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for delivering business improvement in at least four main areas:

  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Building digital operating advantage
  • Deriving actionable insight from data
  • Supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing

We facilitate transformation by building bridges between IT and the business; between exceptional software assured and tangible business outcomes.

Successfully transforming the way your organisation engages and interacts with customers, the way you operate internally and, where appropriate, your underlying business model requires exceptional software supported by technology AND organisational change.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will drip feed a number of blog posts detailing the way in which Bridgeall can support the transformation process in your organisation.

Using illustrative case examples, we will cover a broad range of software solutions, technologies and approaches critical to successful transformation including customised software development for mission-critical applications, Azure Cloud, SharePoint, .Net, Office 365, Power BI and agile delivery.

We will also present some of our own proprietary solutions developed to support elements of your digital transformation including Project Management Office; Digital Mail Room; Digital Transformation Toolkit; Billing, Settlement Validation and Revenue Protection Systems and Trevi.  The services we provide including Digital and IT Strategy Consultancy, Data Audits and Migration, Managed IT, Customised Software Development and Support.

Please check the What we do section of the Bridgeall web site for more details on the range of products, services and technologies we provide.

For the moment, you may find the following video from Microsoft to be of interest, summarising the way in which the company utilises its own software products to support internal transformation and new ways of working.