Water Deregulation: Digital Leaders Urgently Required

Water Deregulation: Digital Leaders Urgently Required

Earlier this month, we reported that an article by Stephen Beer, Bridgeall MD, had just been published on Utility Week, the leading hub web site for the UK utility industry – Digital Transformation in the Deregulated Water Market.

The article questioned whether the industry was ready digitally for the post-1st April competitive market. Water company management should assess their digital preparedness benchmarked against accepted best practice in five main areas: engaging and connecting with customers; building digital operating advantage; deriving actionable insight from data; supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing; business transformation.

We are delighted to report that a second follow-up article by Stephen has just been published – Water Deregulation: Digital Leaders Urgently Required

In the new article, Stephen argues that there is an urgent need to strengthen digital leadership capabilities in the sector. We have moved from the WHY to the HOW of digital transformation. In other words, the need for change is now widely accepted. Most large organisations, however, continue to struggle with the ‘HOW’ of implementing transformation.

With a more competitive market on the horizon, a new breed of senior executive is urgently required – Digital Leaders.

Leaders who combine high level business knowledge, experience and understanding with the ability to develop digital transformation strategies fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives. Leaders with the confidence and personal skills to drive organisational change.

In a more competitive ‘open market’, water utility boards will require ‘transformational digital talent’ – leaders who fully understand the power of new technologies but also the complexity of using these technologies for business impact in large organisations.

Unfortunately, the evidence suggests major skills shortage in this area.

You can access the full article here.