NHS Digital Academy to Develop 300 Digital Leaders

NHS Digital Academy to Develop 300 Digital Leaders

Our previous blog post and Utility Week article argued that digital leaders were urgently required in the post-1st April deregulated water market in England.

An earlier post presented a similar case for digital leadership in one of the other key sectors we operate in namely, North Sea Oil and Gas – see Do Oil and Gas Boardrooms Lack Digital Focus?

It was with great interest, therefore, that we came across a recent advert for the new NHS England Digital Academy – an initiative announced by the Secretary of State for Health in September 2016 following the Wachter review of NHS IT.

This had highlighted “a lack of professionals, Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who could drive forward the transformation agenda enabled by informatics and technology.”

The new Digital Academy will ‘train’ 300 NHS staff to become digital leaders by 2021.

Six key themes will be developed:

  • Essentials of Health Informatics
  • Usable Health Systems Design and Citizen-Driven Informatics
  • Leadership and Management
  • Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management
  • Data and Interventions for Service Improvement
  • Health Information Technologies Implementation

Additional information can be found here – Delivery Partner to Establish the NHS Digital Academy | NHS England