Power BI and Digital Transformation (Video)

Power BI and Digital Transformation (Video)

Welcome to the second in our series of blog articles covering the key technologies underpinning digital transformation, the range of software support services provided by Bridgeall to help you on your journey – see Software and Technology: The Engine Driving Digital Transformation (Video).

In the first article, we argued that the flexibility provided by a Cloud-enabled infrastructure is essential for supporting the digital transformation of your organisation. Digital transformation cannot take place unless supported by effective use of the Cloud; delivering a range of business and IT related benefits in terms of lower costs, greater efficiency, new working practices, performance, flexibility, security and so on.

Nowhere is this more important than in the mission critical world of data analytics.

Deriving actionable insight from the increasing ‘volume, variety and velocity’ of data held by your organisation is one of the Key Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation. Actionable insight is the missing link between data and deriving business value from that data.

Delivering insight requires a robust, secure and affordable storage solution to handle large data volumes (Microsoft Azure) combined with the use of modern, visual based, self-service Business Intelligence software such as Power BI – a suite of tools from Microsoft that automatically transforms your organisation’s data into rich visuals creating powerful interactive reports allowing you to develop actionable insights from the important data already being collected across your organisation.

The video embedded below shows how one company, Rolls-Royce, uses a combination of Microsoft Azure and Power BI to fundamentally transform how it uses data to better serve its airline customers, offering a comprehensive engine maintenance service based on the predictive insights derived from the growing volume of data generated by the aircraft itself.

With over 13,000 engines in commercial use, the combination of Microsoft Azure and Power BI helps Rolls-Royce to minimise the cost and disruption associated with maintenance activities for its customers.

While the video presents a great example of the powerful insights that can be derived from ‘big data’ generated by the Internet of Things, Power BI is a very flexible tool.

It can easily be applied to existing databases within your organisation automatically transforming these into rich visuals, creating powerful interactive reports and actionable insights from important data already collected.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the way in which Power BI can be applied within your organisation, providing the tools to transform, analyse, visualise and share data across multiple devices.