Accelerating Digital Transformation (Part 5): Key Actions and Initiatives

Accelerating Digital Transformation (Part 5): Key Actions and Initiatives

In Part 1 of this series on ‘Accelerating Transformation’, we introduced a Six Step approach to developing and implementing a successful digital transformation strategy as summarised in Figure 1 below.

Posts 2 to 4 provided practical advice covering the first three steps – undertaking a Digital Landscape Analysis, your Internal Digital Audit, developing an agreed Digital Vision and Strategy for your organisation.

In the posts to follow, we look at three of the main challenges you will face at the strategy implementation stage – agreeing the key digital actions and initiatives your organisation needs to take to achieve agreed business goals and outcomes (this post); the main barriers and obstacles you will face on your digital transformation journey, how these can be overcome (Post 6); measuring digital transformation performance and business impact (Post 7).

Figure 1: Digital Transformation Roadmap

Figure 1: Digital Transformation Roadmap

Agreeing Key Actions and Initiatives

The first three steps in our approach to digital strategy development cover Vision, Objectives and Customers.

Once consensus has been achieved on the overall digital vision for your organisation, the business objectives to be achieved and the main customer segments critical to achieving these objectives (including internal customers), agreement should be reached on the key digital actions you need to take.

To achieve agreed business goals and objectives, what are the key digital initiatives you need to implement?

A key issue here is prioritisation. It is likely that a long list of initiatives will be developed. From a resource allocation and timescale perspective, these need to be prioritised based on their expected contribution to agreed business outcomes and relative ease of implementation.

The Five Key Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation are highly relevant when agreeing and prioritising digital initiatives (see Figure 2 below).

What digital actions and initiatives do you need to implement in order to:

  • Enhance the customer experience with your organisation, especially at ‘Key Moments of Truth’ in the customer journey.
  • Build digital operating advantage, leveraging the full potential of digital technology for streamlining internal systems and processes, maximising efficiency, reducing costs, building a more agile, fast moving, data driven organisation.
  • Derive actionable insight from the wealth of data your organisation holds – the missing link between data and deriving business value from that data.
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for supporting a more collaborative and knowledge focused organisation, internally with staff and externally with business partners and other stakeholders.
  • Transform: leveraging technology to transform the way you engage and interact with customers, the way you operate internally and, where appropriate, your underlying business model.

Figure 2: The Five Key Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation

Figure 2: The Five Key Pillars of Successful Digital Transformation

Competing priorities can then be ranked according to their relative contribution to achieving agreed business goals and objectives.

For each priority initiative, the strategic approach recommended in Post 4 can then be cascaded to ensure alignment with overall business goals and objectives:

  • What is your overall vision for this digital initiative?
  • What are the main business objectives and targets to be achieved?
  • Which customers groups will help you to achieve these objectives? A broad definition should be adopted here covering ALL ‘customers’ of the digital initiative being implemented.
  • What key tasks are critical to the successful implementation of this initiative?
  • How will you overcome internal barriers and obstacles to change?
  • How will performance and business impact of this digital initiative be measured?

At this point, you will be ready to evaluate the most appropriate technologies and software to use.

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We hope that you are finding this series on ‘Accelerating Digital’ to be useful.