Video: Work Smarter with Workplace Analytics for Office 365

Video: Work Smarter with Workplace Analytics for Office 365

One of the key pillars of successful transformation is building digital operating advantage – leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for working differently, improving productivity and efficiency, achieving cost savings, building a more collaborative and agile organisation.

Evidence would suggest that most organisations still have a long road to travel before reaching this destination. The average knowledge worker spends less than 60 per cent of their working week being productive; with the main ‘productivity busters’ being excessive e-mail, pointless meetings and constant interruptions. Most readers of the Bridgeall blog will easily identify with this.

Closely related to the above, only 40 per cent of knowledge workers feel ‘highly engaged’ with the organisations they work for; 24 per cent feel ‘disengaged; 19 per cent unsupported with 17 per cent feeling ‘detached’ (Global Workforce Survey, 2014).

So how do we improve on this?

The starting point is to analysis how your organisation currently operates, identifying opportunities for working more efficiently and effectively.

A new tool, recently put on general release by Microsoft, offers exciting potential in this area.

Workplace Analytics for Office 365 can boost employee productivity by providing high level insight on current working practices. It analyses metadata from your organisation’s use of Office 365 to provide actionable insight on how employees spend their time. The insights delivered can help to improve productivity and deliver real business benefits across a wide spectrum of activities including sales, employee engagement and retention, management effectiveness, work distribution and resource allocation, travel time, space planning, fewer but more productive meetings, driving organisational culture and behavioural change. Only metadata that is aggregated and de-identified is used to protect user privacy.

With employee productivity becoming one of the main priorities for C-level executives, Workplace Analytics, by providing unprecedented behavioural insights, can help to improve efficiency, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement.

The video embedded below shows how it works:

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