UK Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020 Published by GDS

UK Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020 Published by GDS

The UK Government’s long-awaited digital transformation strategy was published yesterday.

It promises to radically change the way government departments and services work though digital technology “taking digital transformation further than ever before”.

In a detailed blog post, Kevin Cunnington, Head of the Government Digital Service, summarised the 5 main themes of the report:

Business transformation: transforming the way government operates, from front-end to back-office, in a modern and efficient way.

  • Skills and capability: developing the right skills, culture, people and leaders, bringing together policy and delivery enabling services to be delivered in a learning and iterative environment, focusing on outcomes for citizens.
  • Enabling the Civil Service to deliver: building better workplace tools and processes to make it easier for public servants to work effectively, including sourcing, governance, workplace IT, businesses cases, human resource processes, common technology across the public sector and better digital tools for civil servants.
  • Data: making better use of data, not just for transparency, but for transformation across government enabling joined-up services.
  • Shared platforms: creating, operating, iterating and embedding good use of shared platforms and reusable business capabilities to speed up transformation – including sharing patterns and components and establishing open standards.

The ‘Transformation Strategy’ also reconfirmed that the government is looking to exit large existing IT contracts with end-to-end providers moving to a model that takes advantage of individual components communicating through common APIs.

The full document is available for download here.

We may comment further on the ‘Transformation Strategy’ once we have digested the full report.