Microsoft Enables Real Time IoT Dashboards in PowerBI

Microsoft Enables Real Time IoT Dashboards in Power BI

A previous blog post discussed the major changes currently taking place in the Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform market.

As companies, across a diverse range of sectors, seek to derive actionable insight from the wealth of data being generated, the BI and Analytics Platform market is moving from IT-led enterprise reporting to business-led self-service analytics. Most new buying will be of modern, business-user-centric platforms.

According to Gartner, the shift to updated modern BI and analytics platforms has resulted in a significant change in market leadership positions. Most previous market leaders including SAP, IBM, Oracle, MicroStrategy and SAS are no longer in the ‘Magic Quadrant’ for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

A significant shift in buying decisions has taken place from IT to the business driven by the need for analytical agility and business user autonomy replacing the long-standing BI requirement for centrally provisioned, highly governed and scalable systems.

The only exception to this change is Microsoft with its Power BI suite of business analytic tools occupying a strong leadership position in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’.

This will be further consolidated by Microsoft’s recent announcement that Power BI’s real-time streaming datasets are now generally available, allowing users to load up their dashboards with information from IoT devices. Together with the ability to output data from Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI streaming datasets, real-time analytics on data collected from IoT devices, sensors and other applications is now possible.

The new Power BI streaming datasets feature allows users to easily stream data to Power BI via the REST API, Azure Stream Analytics or PubNub, and to see that data instantly light on their dashboards, while still supporting all existing functionality (e.g. using the dataset to build reports).

With the Internet of Things and Big Data becoming two of the main drivers of digital transformation, this will only serve to strengthen Microsoft’s existing leadership position.

At Bridgeall, we develop and deploy Microsoft Power BI visualisation and exploration solutions for a range of customers helping them to drive productivity and make real time informed decisions. The addition of real time streaming capabilities will be particularly relevant to customers in the water utility, energy, oil and gas sectors.