A Preview of the Refreshed National Digital Strategy for Scotland?

A Preview of the Refreshed National Digital Strategy for Scotland?

An article, published yesterday on the Kable information management and public services web site, seems to provide a preview of what may be included in the updated National Digital Strategy for Scotland, to be published soon.

Based on comments from a Government spokesperson, the article suggests four main strands to the refreshed digital strategy covering data, collaboration, appointment of a digital leader and industry involvement:

A renewed commitment to sharing data including a ‘data bank’ mechanism to oversee data collection and storage to better ensure public trust in future initiatives.

  • A focus on collaboration across the public sector and between the public and private sectors.
  • The appointment of a Chief Digital Officer to lead transformation planning across local councils, the third sector and NHS authorities, building on recommendations from a recent SCDI Report Smart Citizens, Smart City Regions: Delivering Digital Public Services in Scotland – “a high profile digital leader to oversee national digital transformation and data initiatives, while setting out metrics, in conjunction with local government, to benchmark performance against broader digital aims”.
  • Plans for ensuring that the Scottish Government continues to access the best possible advice from industry, academia and the people of Scotland on the development of its digital agenda. Industry has been, and will continue to be, fully engaged in the transformation process.

We will keep readers of the Bridgeall blog fully informed when the updated strategy is published.