Bridgeall's deep water knowledge delivers certainty for the English market

Bridgeall's deep water knowledge delivers certainty for the English market

From Monday of this week, the non-domestic water market in England has been open for business.

Over a million commercial water customers (businesses, charities and public sector organisations) can now shop around and choose their preferred retail service provider.

The ‘Open Market’ is expected to deliver a wide range of benefits to commercial customers including: better value for money, lower bills and charges, improved customer service and more efficient water use.

One of the main benefits, especially for multi-location organisations, will be simplified administration through consolidating contractual arrangements, customer service and billing across all sites. A range of environmental benefits are also expected deriving from the more efficient use of water, reduced carbon emissions from cuts in water use and more innovative use of technology.

For these benefits to be realised, the market must operate efficiently and effectively. With this in mind, Bridgeall are delighted to announce the successful launch of the Central Market Operating System (CMOS), the system underpinning what is now the world’s largest competitive water market.

Delivered by CGI, with the settlements sub-system developed by Bridgeall, CMOS is at the heart of the new market. It enables customers to switch between suppliers and acts as a central market transaction and settlement system, calculating usage charges between wholesalers and retailers, enabling retailers to charge customers and wholesalers to recover their regulatory income in a market expected to generate revenues of £2.4 billion per annum.

Stephen Beer, Bridgeall Managing Director, comments:

“It was generally accepted in the industry that the introduction of open competition for non-domestic customers would be a major challenge, both in terms of timescales and complexity. The fact that the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) has been successfully launched has enabled Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) to assume responsibility for managing the new market in less than two years. Bridgeall’s successful track record in delivering robust and flexible settlements and billing solutions was a major factor in the successful delivery of CMOS and in addressing the challenges faced by MOSL. We are delighted to have made a very significant contribution to the successful launch of the ‘Open Market’ in England.”

Read the official press release from CGI.

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