Microsoft's new UK Data Centres will boost cloud adoption

Microsoft's new UK Data Centres will boost cloud adoption

As a major supplier of Azure cloud and Office 365 solutions, Bridgeall welcomes last week’s announcement by Microsoft that it has opened its first cloud-based UK data centres. The three new data centres, located in London, Durham and Cardiff, should help to ease some perceived customer concerns about the cloud, especially in relation to data location, sovereignty and security.

Bridgeall Managing Director Stephen Beer states:

‘Compared to ‘on-premise’ solutions, cloud services constitute only a small part of the wider IT estate in the UK. While some progress has been made, there is still a long way to go before UK organisations are leveraging the full potential of what the cloud has to offer. Microsoft’s long-awaited announcement will provide a much needed boost to UK cloud adoption. Especially in industries such as banking, government, public sector and healthcare, the new Microsoft data centres should better help organisations meet their customer needs in terms of regulatory requirements, data security, location, sovereignty and disaster recovery. We very much welcome this announcement from Microsoft.’

According to Ken Willcox, Bridgeall Head of Cloud Services and Support:

‘The Microsoft announcement comes at a critical time for cloud adoption in the UK, especially in the public sector. While private sector use of the cloud has increased rapidly in recent years, the public sector has been slower to respond. The ‘Cloud First’ strategy, launched back in 2013, has not really had the impact expected. If you take local authorities as an example, recent evidence suggests that across 418 councils in England, Wales and Scotland, a full 27 per cent still have procurement policies preventing them from using the cloud'.

It is interesting to note that the first big users of the new Microsoft data centres are public sector organisations, including the Ministry of Defence and some NHS Trusts. Offshoring sensitive data has often been seen as an inhibitor to both central and local government adoption of cloud services. The UK based Microsoft Cloud should help to alleviate these concerns allowing a greater focus on the real issue namely, the way in which the cloud can help to redesign the delivery of public services in a more cost efficient and effective way.’

As a consequence of the announcement, Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from multiple data centre locations in the UK. This should help the digital transformation of businesses and public sector organisations, while at the same time meeting compliance and policy requirements.

As a major supplier of Azure services, we will ensure that all of our customers are made fully aware of the opportunities arising from this development and the major benefits it could bring. Starting next week, we will be publishing a regular series of blog posts providing highly practical advice in maximising cloud potential for your business.

With trusted cloud services now delivered locally from the UK, supported by a strong commitment to best practice principles in areas such as security, privacy, transparency, compliance and availability, Bridgeall are well positioned to support the digital transformation of organisations throughout the UK.

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