Don't Be Afraid when it comes to the cloud

Don't Be Afraid when it comes to the cloud

While cloud adoption has increased significantly in recent years, there is still a long-way to go before UK organisations are leveraging the full potential of what the cloud has to offer.

Adoption is being held back by fear, uncertainty and doubt.

In a series of blog posts starting next week, we will dispel many of the perceived objections that organisations have regarding the cloud, providing best practice advice on the issues to consider in developing a cloud strategy, the approach to adopt, the barriers to be overcome and the key factors in successful migration.

Using case examples, we will show how effective implementation of the Azure cloud solution can help organisations, across a wide range of industries, reap the benefits that cloud computing can bring – lower IT infrastructure, hardware and software costs; scalability, reliability, manageability; enhanced security; 24/7 any place, any device access; rapid project mobilisation, delivery capability and so on.

Given the above benefits, it is not surprising that cloud migration is becoming common place in the UK with 78 per cent of respondents to the Cloud Industry Forum Annual Survey already using more than one cloud-based service. Over half of all respondents expect to move their entire IT estate to the cloud at some point.

The first article in the series, covering ‘The State of the Cloud, 2016’ will be published early next week.

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