Data Analytics and Higher Education: Power BI

Data Analytics and Higher Education: Power BI

There is a growing interest across Higher Education in the power of actionable insight derived from data analytics.

Academics and higher education administrators need access to data insights to drive measurable performance improvements across a broad range of tasks from basic reporting and accountability requirements to optimising the student experience at all stages of the engagement lifecycle, from initial recruitment through the learning experience to post-graduation advocacy.

Source: EMC

Student Engagement Lifecycle

While there is growing interest in leveraging the full potential of data analytics, progress is being held back by two main factors: the shortage of data analysts and business intelligence systems stuck in a pre-digital time warp.

Both barriers can be overcome by an easy to use, smart, visual business intelligence tool.

In a previous blog post, we introduced Microsoft Power BI – a suite of tools from Microsoft that automatically transforms your organisation’s data into rich visuals. It creates powerful interactive reports allowing you to develop actionable insights from important data already being collected across your organisation.

Over on the Power BI blog, a series of articles are currently being published on ‘Configuring the Power BI Higher Education Model’. Working in association with Stetson University in the US, post 2 shows how Power BI can be used to deliver actionable insight at the student enrolment stage.

The full capabilities of the Power BI tool are also explained

Please click on the image below to view an interactive demo:

Power BI demo

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