Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Good Project Manager

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Good Project Manager

The role of Project Manager is crucial for a successful project but what is that they actually do?

1. Really Understand the customer’s requirements and business processes
2. Communicate – Internal & External
3. Planning, Planning & Planning
4. Effective & Efficient Team Working – Internal & External
5. Manage Change
6. Risk Management
7. Quality & Governance
8. Delivery
9. Enduring Support
10. Customer Satisfaction

On a number of recent projects, customers have commented on how helpful it has been to have someone guide them through the process and technical jargon of what they will actually get at the end. This is one of the key benefits of having a Project Manager that works closely with the customer to truly understand how they function as a business and really understand where they are going longer term with the new system. The Project Manager is able to pull on previous experience to provide suggestions on new processes or procedures that should be put in place to assist with the overall delivery into the organisation.

Clear communication and collaborative working both internally and externally on any project is paramount. The ability to communicate with people at all levels is almost always named as the second most important skill by project managers and team members. From the outset, there needs to be clear communication on goals, responsibility, performance, expectations and feedback. From Project kick off, Bridgeall work with the customer to ensure that communication channels and frequency are agreed and are in-line with the customers own reporting requirements. The Project Manager should be the hub of information coming in and going back out, which ensures that there is no dilution of information. Clear ownership and progression for the customer is key. Team Working is essential within Bridgeall, and we have daily scrums to discuss tasks, progression and blockers for all of our projects. This interaction enables us to focus on any key challenges and also provides a forum for all team members to have their say on the project.

Continuously reviewing the Project Plan with the customer and team to make sure all areas are on track plays a major part to ensuring a successful delivery. As we know customer’s priorities can change during the project to either move the timescales in or extend out due to pressures within their organisation. This is where the Project Manager works closely with their customers to understand these challenges and re-aligns resources accordingly.

There are various reasons for change within a project, and change is good. When projects are delivered in an Agile manner, the customer gets to see very quickly what the system may look like by producing a prototype, this makes the requirements and change process much easier and quicker from the beginning of the project. Change will be identified quickly before development, rather than doing the development and then changing when it doesn’t look right for the customer.

It’s essential to identify and anticipate from the start where the Project Risks live. At Bridgeall we undertake a Risk Assessment that focuses on 3 elements, Identify Uncertainties, Analyse Risks, Prioritise Risks. In the same way, the risk control has 3 elements, Mitigate Risks, Plan for Emergencies, Measures and Controls for these Risks. It is important that Risks are frequently reviewed with the customer and other stakeholders to identify clear ownership and level of Risk throughout the project.

Quality & Governance is inherent in all development work within Bridgeall and we undertake rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing for all of our projects. This level of testing greatly assists our customers when the time comes for them to undertake their own User Acceptance Testing and ensures that exceptional software is delivered at all times.

To date within Bridgeall, we have a 100% delivery rate for our customers with no regression. We provide enduring support for our customers after they go live, to ensure they have access to key resources that understand their system and their business needs whenever they may need them. Customer Satisfaction is at the core of Bridgeall’s values, and it is paramount to us that every customer delivery is perfect. We actively encourage feedback from our customers to ensure that we provide the best service for them at all times. This feedback is provided at the end of a project delivery and at our monthly Service Delivery Meetings for enduring support. This continuous partnership with our customers enables Bridgeall to monitor how we are progressing through the customers eyes, and where we can help them in the future.

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