100% Success for First Intern Programme

100% Success for First Intern Programme
Good talent can be hard to find especially when looking for the best in class Software Developers.

For a fast growing company like Bridgeall, it’s crucial that all employees are of an exceptional standard to ensure they maintain high quality output and outstanding customer service. As part of our expansion strategy, we embarked on our first Student Intern Programme and we were so impressed by the work of the students that not only have we offered all of the interns’ permanent employment after graduation we have also introduced an intern programme as part of our ongoing recruitment strategy. Read more here>>>

What did the Interns have to say about their experience at Bridgeall……

“My internship at Bridgeall has been a great experience. Working alongside software developers and project managers gave me an insight into how a software company functions. Developing an iOS mobile application for one of Bridgeall’s clients made me feel my work was of real value. As well as having great exposure to many new technologies, I have greatly developed my skill-set and the internship programme has been massively beneficial. Overall the Bridgeall Internship Programme has been of great value to me, it has developed my programming skills, presenting skills and communication skills”.

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